10 years and counting

Prop Tales

By Bill Patty

If I were to write a poker book, the title would be, “How to Enjoy Poker and Make a Buck.” I have tried to do both for the last 10 years as a poker prop and …. Hey, maybe I should write that book!

What I have realized is that when your favorite hobby becomes your job, you have to keep focusing on the positives and try not to let the negatives get to you. I will always love poker. I loved it as a kid learning to play with my granny at the kitchen table, and I loved it at family gatherings. I loved the home games in my brother’s garage, and I loved teaching my daughters to play. I loved when my mom and I used to play at Table Mountain, and I loved when Bill Grey and I used to hit the road to play in all parts of California and Nevada.

As far as winning, I am fortunate to have an incredible amount of patience and a good amount of poker knowledge. I think I could teach a majority of players to become modest winners.

So then, what are the negatives? Many people seem to want to focus on negatives these days. When was the last time the top news story was something positive? When was the last time your employer thanked you for doing a good job or rewarded you for your consistency in showing up on time for work?

My buddy, Randy Spain, just chose to get away from propping after nearly 10 years in order to pursue a career outside the poker room. So far, he has no complaints about his new job.

We all need positive environments to thrive in. All I am asking is for everybody to do their part in being positive and thinking about someone besides themselves. Heck, I win on a regular basis and nobody cares! Why? Because I don’t berate. I don’t brag. I don’t criticize. And I am always respectful. Think about it. We all want to enjoy the game way more than we want to worry about it. Ten years and a day ….

People and Places

On a recent trip to the Peppermill in Reno I met one of the most positive poker players ever. And, we were playing Omaha! Her name is Elizabeth. It was a pleasure to sit next to her and enjoy the game. The two hundred I won didn’t hurt, but nobody cared about that!

Until next time, enjoy your game and call me when I bet the river!