$250K Spring Classic back at Stones

The $250,000 Spring Classic returns to Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, with five tournaments beginning April 13 and numerous satellites, all culminating in the $150,000 guaranteed Main Event April 19 to 22.

Buy-in to the Main Event, which has three Day 1s (April 19 to 21) is $450 and six satellites to this event are scheduled with buy-ins of $60 and $110. The $200 Win The Button tournament on April 13 has a $15,000 guarantee, and the next day’s Chip Amplifier event ($120 to $550 buy-in) boasts a $45,000 guarantee.

This is followed by the $25,000 guarantee Assassin’s Bounty, with a buy-in of $300 and $100 bounties. The April 16 Classic Mix Max has a $15,000 guarantee and $200 buy-in, and after that comes several days of satellites to the Main Event.

The final tables will all be shown on Stones Live (available on Twitch TV and You Tube) with special guest commentators Jason Somerville, Lex Veldhuis, Andrew Neeme, and Kevin Martin covering the play-by-play action.

“Why I’m really excited about the Spring Classic is the pros that will be doing commentary,” said Stones Gambling Hall ambassador (and voice of the World Series of Poker) Lon McEachern. “Even though it’s not going to be an official Jason Somerville and company Run It Up event, Jason is going to dovetail his Run It Up Reno PR and people stuff with the Spring Classic here at Stones.

“To have someone like Jason, who’s always been a brilliant player and has brilliant ideas … he’s built himself a great product, a great name, and to have him interested enough to be part of Stones and the Spring Classic, to be here and do commentary, is huge.”

Stones Live has garnered quite a following over its two years in existence, and recently the Gambling Hall added its live stream to their You Tube channel. It is very popular with the pros who have come to play and do commentary, including World Series champion Chris Moneymaker who said, “Stones Live is a unique live stream because it offers everyone a chance to play. It is a different stream in that it has games ranging from $1/2 to $10/25 no-limit, giving both professionals and recreational players their shot at playing under the lights for their friends.”

“We opened our You Tube channel the beginning of January,” said Stones tournament director Justin Kuraitis. “That’s why Chris came out—to help us push that. Before, we were using You Tube as an archive. So, we would stream on Twitch, it would be live, and we would take the video and upload it to You Tube because Twitch only lets you maintain an archive for 60 days. We wanted a place—and You Tube made sense (it’s free)—where we can throw our videos on there and people can have access to them forever.”

“A lot of our players weren’t necessarily familiar with Twitch, but everyone uses You Tube. We have this platform already built, our archive is already in there, and they have the capability to stream live, so we decided to launch the channel on You Tube. We’re not abandoning Twitch. We’re doing both at the same time and we plan to stay a simulcast platform for now.”

Another big event coming up at Stones is the return of the Quantum $100,000 guaranteed tournament from April 30 to May 6. Just as they did in November, the Stones Quantum event will start with seven Day 1s, each with a buy-in of $120. Players will receive 10,000 chips and 10 percent of the field will advance to Day 2 on Sunday, May 6.

On May 4 and 5 there will be two more Day 1s, only the buy-in will now be $240 with players starting with 20,000 chips and 20 percent advancing to Day 2. The third buy-in option is to directly enter into Day 2 for $900 and begin with 100,000 chips.

Players who make it through the allotted percentage on their Day 1s will not only advance but will also receive $250 at the end of the session. Anyone who double qualifies will play their larger stack on Day 2 and will receive $900. Multiple qualifiers will get an additional $900 for each additional chip stack that is removed from play.

Jonathan Little, a two-time World Poker Tour champion and prolific author an instructor, was there recently to visit and play on Stones Live. When asked why he had come back (and was becoming something of a regular) he said, “Stones Gambling Hall is an amazing place. The atmosphere is great. There’s a lot of gambling—because it’s a gambling hall—and they have the best games that I’ve very played at. Also, the venue is super nice, they have a great restaurant. I love it here. If I lived here I would play here all the time.”