3 titles at Calif. Championship

Three titles at the recent California State Poker Championship series at the Commerce Casino were awarded to Northern California players.

Held May 2 to 5, Event #1, No Limit Hold’em, had four starting days, 1,853 entries, and the second largest prize pool (after the Championship event). It was won by Peter Tran of San Jose who took home the trophy and $83,710.

David Forster of Alameda won Event #13, No Limit Hold’em on May 14 and 15, which earned him $13,200 and a $2,080 seat in the Championship event. The prize pool was $57,600.

Then Event #19, No Limit Doublestack Cashout on May 19 was won by San Jose’s Christopher Swan. In this event players could cash out any or all of their chips at any time during the tournament. Swan laid claim to $4,845 of the $25,800 prize pool.