An invite from Stars Casino


A lot can be said about Stars Casino in Tracy, so we will let Stars’ Poker Host Al Baham tell you all about it:

“Are you stuck in a rut? Not lucky lately? Need a change of pace? Get in your car, and drive over to Stars Casino, in Tracy.

“We have some similarities as other cardrooms, but the differences could amaze you! We have an outdoor patio for listening to a live DJ on Fridays, playing oldies, for example.

“We have a $1/1/2 blind no-limit game that is unique and fun … and the pots get real big! We have cash drawings four times a day.

“We also have every Cal Game imaginable. But mostly, we have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that will take care of you. They will make the drive worth your while.

“So get out of the funk. Come see us. And if it’s your first time here get your first time player reward. (See Floorman for details.)

“Players really love our ongoing Dash for Cash promo where you get paid to play—as much as $3 per hour! Check out our ad for a nice selection of promos and entertainment.

“Change your luck! Change your mojo! Come on down! We’re not the same ole’ cardroom.”

Stars Casino is located right off the I-205 at Tracy Blvd., 775 W Clover Road, just south of the Freeway.