Baron is NorCal tops at WSOP Main Event

By Barbara Engler

Maybe we’ve been spoiled by the spectacular success of our Northern California poker players at the WSOP Main Event in recent years. Last year we had Sacramento great J.C. Tran at the final table. The year before that Sacramento was represented by Steve Gee while San Jose “native” Antonio Esfandiari claimed the big One Drop prize.

This year proved to be a somewhat more typical year as the top NorCal placement went to Isaac Baron of Menlo Park who made it all the way to 52nd place, claiming $152,025. This year’s Main Event had 6,683 entries and a prize pool of $62,820,200.

In total, Northern California accounted for 23 of the 695 people who cashed in the 2014 Main Event. While 3.3% of the total individuals cashing may not sound like a lot, the number seems more impressive when taking into account the fact that players are coming from all over the world to take part.

The biggest NorCal cash of the series went to Sacramento’s Sean Drake who won a gold bracelet back in 2011. His third place finish in Event #51: No-Limit Monster Stack netted him $619,521. This $1,500 buy-in tournament had 7,862 entries— over 1,200 more than the Main Event.

Most number of cashes went to Phil Hellmuth of Palo Alto with seven (but then he probably entered every event chasing that 14th bracelet). J.C. Tran (Sacramento) and Faraz Jaka (San Jose) each had five cashes, and numerous other individuals had three or four.

All totaled up, Northern California players had 401 cashes in the 65 events for a total of $6,545,419. Not a bad haul.

NorCal players who cashed in Events #55 to #65 of the 2014 World Series of Poker

Event #55: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in,
2,396 entries, $3,234,600 prize pool
8th, Tim West, $55,861, Los Altos
37th, Stephen Lemmer, $11,159, San Francisco
66th, Brian Gudim, $6,663, San Jose
84th, Erkut Yilmaz, $4,981, Sacramento
105th, Jean Houle, $3,881, Visalia
121st, Jordan Sills, $3,881, San Francisco
151st, Greg Feirman, $3,493, Granite Bay
164th, Konstantin Polin, $3,493, Saint Helena
168th, Cherie Beasley, $3,493, San Francisco
171st, Matthew Gloier, $3,493, Santa Clara
181st, Frederic Soria, $3,202, Roseville
190th, Steve Gee, $3,202, Sacramento
197th, Patrick Lanahan, $3,202, San Jose
217th, Jack Friedlander, $2,911, Roseville
Event #56: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,000 buy-in,
2,535 entries, $2,272,500 prize pool
34th, Ronny Gil, $9,362, Millbrae
37th, Morgan Poons, $7,681, San Francisco
76th, Kevin To, $3,840, Walnut Creek
98th, Alexey Ruzin, $2,886, Rohnert Park
119th, Samuel McGrath, $2,545, San Jose
174th, Timothy Polk, $2,272, Santa Rosa
175th, Alexander Case, $2,272, Menlo Park
193rd, Draxton Amador, $2,045, Napa
215th, Robert Mather, $2,045, Redding
218th, John Newmerzhycky, $2,045, McKinleyville
251st, Kenny Shei, $1,840, Menlo Park
252nd, Kenneth Morey, $1,840, San Francisco
254th, Tristan Brand, $1,840, Palo Alto
Event #58: No-Limit Hold’em Mixed Max, $1,500
buy-in, 1,475 entries, $1,991,250 prize pool
55th, Matthew Weber, $4,788, Elk Grove
Event #59: Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better,
$3,000 buy-in, 457 entries, $1,247,610 prize pool
40th, Minh Trinh, $5,888, Marina
Event #60: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in,
2,563 entries, $3,460,050 prize pool
69th, Jeffrey Cook, $6,850, Folsom
73rd, Vu Pham, $5,847, Elk Grove
76th, Adam Duong, $5,847, Sacramento
106th, Michael Urhausen, $3,875, San Jose
127th, David Fong, $3,875, San Jose
157th, Michael Sanfilippo, $3,460, Merced
176th, Liina Vark, $3,460, San Francisco
192nd, Jan Stein, $3,114, Berkeley
206th, James Thomason, $3,114, Livermore
213th, John Norberg, $3,114, Yuba City
245th, Andres Garcia, $2,802, Salinas
249th, Craig Gold, $2,802, Belmont
Event #61: Seven Card Stud, $10,000 buy-in,
102 entries, $958,800 prize pool
6th, Phil Hellmuth, $46,885, Palo Alto
Event #62: The Little One for One Drop, $1,111
buy-in, 4,496 entries, $4,046,400 prize pool
32nd, Matthew Weber, $15,983, Elk Grove
51st, Gary Chau, $10,520, South San Francisco
152nd, Sarah Tolagson, $3,560, Monterey
193rd, Liina Vark, $3,034, San Francisco
221st, Meyer Sandberg, $2,630, San Francisco
246th, Jeffrey Lennon, $2,630, Fresno
259th, Kenny Shei, $2,630, Menlo Park
261st, Jeremy Moore, $2,630, Auburn
298th, Adam Farb, $2,306, Mill Valley
301st, Evan Maurer, $2,306, Santa Rosa
304th, Charles Mendoza, $2,306, Citrus Heights
372nd, Nghiahiep Nguyen, $2,023, San Jose
383rd, Dokyun Kim, $2,023, San Rafael
385th, William Daymon, $2,023, McKinleyville
391st, Vu Pham, $2,023, Elk Grove
400th, John Dull, $2,023, Fresno
Event #63: 10-Game Mix Six Handed, $1,500
buy-in, 445 entries, $600,750 prize pool
9th, David Blatte, $10,152, Nevada City
Event #64: Pot-Limit Omaha, $10,000 buy-in,
418 entries, $3,929,200 prize pool
4th, Isaac Baron, $301,369, Menlo Park
21st, JC Tran, $28,290, Sacramento
36th, Brigette Lau, $22,828, San Francisco
Event #65: No-Limit Hold’em Main Event,
$10,000 buy-in, 6,683 entries, $62,820,200
52nd, Isaac Baron, $152,025, Menlo Park
62nd, Zachary Hirst, $124,447, Marina
97th, Michael Mcgonigle, $61,313, Fair Oaks
110th, Matthew McEwan, $52,141, San Francisco
185th, Zach Jiganti, $44,728, San Francisco
244th, Munir Shahin, $38,634, Millbrae
245th, Seyed Edalat, $38,634, San Jose
261st, Michael Labarbera, $38,634, San Jose
332nd, Martin Verdegaal, $33,734, Hanford
333rd, Faraz Jaka, $33,734, San Jose
354th, Kel Douglas, $29,400, Santa Rosa
386th, Cameron Smith, $29,400, Cameron Park
392nd, Kelsey Hendriks, $29,400, Chico
417th, Olaoluwa Okelola, $25,756, Palo Alto
459th, Brendan Wiley, $25,756, South Lake Tahoe
467th, Eric Hicks, $25,756, San Francisco
470th, Rocky McNatt, $25,756, El Dorado
497th, Mark Mitzel, $22,678, Fresno
562nd, Matt Kramer, $20,228, Rancho Cordova
579th, Deip Paul, $20,228, San Jose
582nd, Ignacio Sanchez, $20,228, Reedley
672nd, Zac Dowhower, $18,406, South Lake Tahoe
674th, Ben Sarnoff, $18,406, San Francisco