Bay 101 Open attracts big fields & prize pools

The Bay 101 Casino “San Jose’s Place to Play” just finished up another successful tournament series as the Bay 101 Open once again drew big fields and had huge prize pools.

The eight-day series ran from Aug. 11 to 18 and consisted of seven different events. Buy-ins for the events ranged from $125 to $1,080, depending on the tournament and format.

The Main Event of the Bay 101 Open was the $1,080 buy-in, no-limit Hold’em tournament that drew an impressive 506 players over two starting days, creating a prize pool of $506,000. Of the 506 players, the top 63 made the money and were guaranteed at least $1,840. This year’s winner was Steven Levy from Larkspur who took home $96,930 plus a $7,500 seat into the 2015 WPT Shooting Star event.

The always popular Omaha 8 or Better event once again drew a nice crowd—121 players—creating a prize pool of $36,300 and a first place prize of $12,160. “There are a lot of Omaha cash game players in the Bay Area, and getting them all together for a tournament always makes for a fun, competitive event,” said Bay 101 tournament director Brian Gudim.

The fan favorite partner event was also very successful. In this event, players pick a partner and play in two-person teams. The players rotate every level and share the same chip stack. “This is one of our players’ favorite events of the year. They just love the camaraderie, strategy and teamwork involved,” Gudim said.

World renowned Tournament Director, Matt Savage, who was in San Jose to run the Bay 101 Open series said, “I love coming back to my hometown of San Jose. I know most of the players, and it’s nice to catch up with all the familiar faces. The game of poker in Northern California keeps growing, which I love to see, and I can’t wait to come back in March for the
2015 WPT Shooting Star.”

Top results for the six events were as follows:

Event #1: No-Limit Hold’em, $345 buy-in, 298 players, $89,400 prize pool—1st, Anonymous, $25,080; 2nd, Francois Bertrand, $14,750; 3rd, Nam Nguyen, $9,830; 4th, James Shannon, $6,840; 5th, Jose Cervantes, $5,100.

Event #2: Omaha Hi-Lo, $345 buyin, 121 players, $36,300 prize pool—1st, John Muntazir, $12,160; 2nd, Ingrid Langsetmo, 6,900; 3rd, Andy Gamboa, $3,630; 4th, Fernando Arciniega, $2,900; 5th, Daniel Suloff, $2,540.

Event #3: No-Limit Hold’em, $345 buy-in, 250 players, $75,000 prize pool—1st, Tom Sego, $20,930; 2nd, Mass Wells, $12,380; 3rd, Payam Ataie, $8,250; 4th, Wes Chong, $5,740; 5th, Rellie Sigua, $4,280.

Event #4: Partners No-Limit Hold’em, $450 buy-in, 89 teams, $35,600 prize pool—1st, John Nicholson & Rosemarie Bangi, $8,840; 2nd, Hanh Nguyen & Fae Saeteune, $7,100; 3rd, Khoa Tran & Den Cao, $7,010.

Event #5: Shootout No-Limit Hold’em, $550 buy-in, 100 players, $50,000 prize pool—1st, Jose Basa, $17,000; 2nd, Mohammed Qutob, $10,000; 3rd, Gary Tighe, $5,500.

Event #6: No-Limit Hold’em Championship, $1,080 buy-in, 506 players, $506,000 prize pool—1st, Steven Levy, $96,930 (+ $7,500 WPT Shooting Star seat), 2nd, Shahab Tavafrashti, $67,900; 3rd, Luong Nguyen, $43,670; 4th, Kfir Nahum, $32,300; 5th, Andrew Sapiro, $24,230; 6th, Al Stonum, $19,440; 7th, Ivin Arquiza, $16,200; 8th, Felipe Quijano, $12,910; 9th, Alexander
Greenblatt, $9,720.

If you have any questions regarding future tournaments at Bay 101 Casino call 408-451-8888 or follow them on Twitter @Bay101Casino.