Bay 101 Open is Aug. 11–18

On the heels of a highly successful Summer Madness series, the Bay 101 Casino has announced their annual Bay 101 Open series will be held Aug. 11 to 18. Summer Madness showed an increased turnout for all events and the same is expected for the Open.

This year’s series has events for all types of players, with buy-ins ranging from $120 to $1,080. Omaha Hi/Lo is on the schedule again this year and should produce a great turnout.  Bay 101 will also have a partners event, which is one of their most popular tournaments every year.

The Bay 101 Open Main Event is again a $1,080 buy-in with two starting days. Players who bust on Day 1A have the option to play again on Day 1B. Last year’s Bay 101 Open drew 522 players, creating a prize pool of $522,000.
Advance registration is available at the main cage for all Bay 101 Open events. The schedule is: Event 1: Aug. 11, No-Limit Hold’em, $345; Event 2: Aug. 12, Omaha Hi-Lo, $345; Event 3: Aug. 13, No-Limit Hold’em, $345; Event 4: Aug. 14, No-Limit Hold’em Partners, $450; Event 5: Aug. 15, No-Limit Hold’em Shootout (100 max), $550; Event 6: Aug. 16 to 18, No-Limit Hold’em Championship, $1,080; Event 7: Aug. 18, No-Limit Hold’em Turbo, $125.

Events begin at 9:30 a.m. except Day 2 of the Championship event, which starts at noon.

Meanwhile, poker action at the Bay 101 Casino (known as “San Jose’s Place to Play”) has been lively and competitive as usual. Whether playing daily cash games from $3/6 to $80/160 limit, no-limit games of $1/2/2, $2/3/5 and $5/10/10, Omaha $4-8 half kill or $8/16 half kill or their many California Games, there’s always plenty of action at the Bay 101 Casino.

For more information about poker and Cal games, tournaments or questions, check out or on Twitter @Bay101Casino.