Bay 101 plan to relocate set in motion

Next May construction is to begin on the initial phase of Bay 101 Casino’s plan to move to the site currently occupied by the San Jose Garden Hotel on the other side of the 101 freeway.

The casino will be housed in a two-story building, plus they will have a 174-room, seven-story hotel and a parking structure for 953 cars.

Bay 101 has been looking for a new location ever since the owner of their current location expressed a desire to build a two million sq. ft. office development there. Their hope to relocate to Milipitas was dashed by a failed ballot measure, so they had to go with Plan B.

The San Jose Mercury News quoted Bay 101 vice president Ron Werner as saying, “It will be more spacious and the lighting will be different. It’s like buying a new car. It’s going to have more bells and whistles.”