Bay 101 winners cash big in Fall Poker Classic

Another great tournament series just concluded at Bay 101 Casino in San Jose. The Fall Poker Classic featured six events, 987 entries, and over half a million dollars in prize money.

The Main Event was held Oct. 19 to 21, with two Day 1s followed by Day 2. The buy-in was $1,100. Players had the option of one re-entry per flight. This attracted 332 entries, making a sizable $332,000 prize pool.

Auguste Shastry had the lion’s share of chips when the remaining players agreed to a six-way chop, making him the champion and earning him the trophy and $43,190. He was followed by Victor Shih ($36,870), Guy Hadas ($33,270), Yanki Koppel ($31,700), Zachary Grech ($31,155) and Paul Richardson ($26,000).

Eliminated during play at the final table were Cy Williams ($11,020), David Fong ($9,045) and Paul McCafffrey ($7,090).

The week started off with five single-day tournaments. Event #1, held on Oct. 14, was no-limit Hold’em with a $350 buy-in and one re-entry allowed per participant. They had 161 entries for a $48,300 prize pool.

After a six-way deal, first place and $7,370 went to Hieu Le with Sanjeev Bais in second taking $6,580. They were accompanied by Veronica Brill ($5,800), Alejandrino Gamboa ($5,720), Rohan Kapuria ($4,630) and Dan Webster ($3,380). The rest of the final table consisted of Mark Simanovsky ($1,670), Soumitra Nagar ($1,480) and Joseph Mussat ($1,290).

Next was $355 Omaha Hi-Lo, with 64 players and a prize pool of $19,200. A five-player chop had Ruomeng Dong in first ($3,950) followed by Santiago Baraceros ($3,820), Vinh Pham ($3,010), Phong Huynh ($2,970) and Arthur Ragosta ($2,340).

Event #3 was the $560 no-limit Hold’em “Monster Stack” tournament, which had 184 players and a prize pool of $92,000. The chop went four ways this time, with first going to Tri Tran ($15,660).

Also in on the deal were Albert Shih ($13,740), David Valdez ($13,610) and Scott Sanders ($11,960). Rounding out the final table were Lance Gordon ($4,430), Akram Suleiman ($3,670), Samuel Diep ($3,130), Dean McMillan ($2,750) and Christopher Bridgford ($2,390).

The fourth event had the same structure as the first, this time with 134 entries and a $40,200 prize pool. The four-way chop had Ferit Bulutoglu out in front ($6,940), followed by Tuiofu Hunkin ($6,900), Richardo Gonzalez ($6,410) and Kulwant Singh ($4,650). Next up was Bin Duan ($1,990), Soumitra Nagar ($1,690), Bradley Miller ($1,460), Tho Khac Tran ($1,290) and Hoang Nguyen ($1,140).

The penultimate event was the 20/20 tournament with a $550 buy-in. In this no-limit Hold’em event, players received 20,000 chips and had 20-minute levels. The chop went just two ways this time. Simon Santiago came out on top at $14,630 and Tri Tran took second and $11,530. The rest of the final table seats were taken by Eben Kurtzman ($6,210), Salvador Seguritan ($4,060), Boris Chechelmitsky ($3,130), Clinton Petersen ($2,570), Lester Lenart ($2,180), Hock Lau ($1,900) and Johny Martinez ($1,680).

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