Capitol Casino now has $1/2 PLO

With the demand for more ways to play the game of poker, Capitol Casino is now spreading $1/2 pot-limit Omaha (PLO). The game has been extremely well received among the loyalists at Capitol Casino. The pot sizes in this game can go bananas—many of them top $1,000. With four cards dealt to each player, you are pretty sure to have some sort of a playable hand most of the time.

Capitol also runs multiple games of $4/8 Omaha Hi/Lo on a daily basis. Many of their $4/8 limit Texas Hold’em players have chosen to split their time between Hold’em and the exciting action of the Omaha games. There is also plenty of no-limit Hold’em action in their $1/3 and $2/5 games.

Summer promotions are in full swing at Capitol Casino. The $100k Fantasy Cash Giveaway is coming up rapidly, with the first $50,000 to be doled out on Sept. 16 and the second $50,000 coming only three months later—just in time for Christmas—on Dec. 16. Each event will have an amazing 38 individual winners.

This promotion is easy to enter, as all you need to do is play poker with your free player’s rewards card. You’ll receive a raffle ticket for the drawing with each qualifying full house in Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and even tournament play. More full houses means more raffle tickets and therefore drastically improves the chances your name will be picked on drawing day. The cash game action is crazy on drawing days, so get there early if you wish to play poker.

The Primetime Pro Football giveaway is here again with $500 handed out for primetime games. This includes Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night pro football games.

Capitol Casino is currently doing remodeling but will be open throughout. The Dragon Room has been temporarily moved to the bar area during construction, so please don’t hesitate to come in for the same great service and gaming action during this time. They will keep everyone updated with pictures on Facebook during the remodel.

For more information on Capitol Casino’s  tournament schedule, promotions, and all other events, please visit their website at or phone 916-446-0700 and speak to a floor manager.

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