Capitol Casino offers variety

Poker action has been crazy good at Capitol Casino lately. On a daily basis they run a huge variety of games to meet all customers’ needs as well as different price points for all. Their most popular is $4/8 full-kill limit Hold’em—Capitol Casino runs as many as three to four games daily. Then, for those who prefer a little more money in the pot, they spread an $8/16 limit Hold’em game starting a little later in the day.

Omaha Hi-Low has been growing rapidly among local poker players ever since Capitol Casino started spreading the game late in 2012. With the addition of two Omaha hosts to help run the games— Nathan Kelsch and Stacy Green—the game has gone from a single $4/8 Omaha Hi-Low Split to multiple games including $6/12 and $8/16 on any given day.

No-limit Hold’em is going as strong as ever with multiple $1/3 and $2/5 no-limit games daily. On Sundays Capitol Casino has been offering a $2/5 no-limit game ($10 to go) since the start of the NFL season. The action in this game has been phenomenal.

Tournament play has always been a great success at Capitol Casino with a weekday morning tournament that pulls in an average of 85 players, with the prize pool often hovering around $3,500. The buy-in for these events is $30 with one optional $30 add-on/re-buy.

At the conclusion of these weekday events, Capitol Casino adds two seats to the prize pool: the winner of the tournament receives a free entry to the Second Saturday of the Month $220 Deep Stack Event and the second place finisher receives a free $100 entry to the First Saturday of the Month $100 buy-in event. The addition of these seat helps bolster up the weekend events.

The third Saturday of every month they offer a bounty tournament with a $150 buy-in and $50 bounties. Sunday tournaments are great fun with all the football action on most of the HD TVs, and with the Sunday Ticket you can be sure to enjoy watching your favorite team in action. The prize pool is guaranteed for $5,000 for a $120 buy-in every Sunday.

Your Capitol Casino Players Rewards Card earns you a straight $1 per hour in all cash poker games with a no-hassle cash out at any time. Also, with any qualifying full house you will receive a raffle ticket for the next Mountain Of Cash Giveaway to be held on March 28. Capitol Casino just wrapped up their latest Summer Sizzle promo giving away $35,000 in cash to 26 individual winners on Oct. 25.

The Dragon Room at Capitol Casino is the place to play all your California style games including Blackjack, Baccarat, and Pai-Gow, the atmosphere is great and the food is even better.

For more information on promotions, tournaments and all other special events please visit their website at or phone 916-446-0700 and speak with a floor manager.