Fields grow again at Bay 101 Open

The Bay 101 Casino held the annual Bay 101 Open series of poker tournaments Aug. 12 to 19. As usual, the fields were large and the prize pools were correspondingly so. The seven events attracted 1,509 entries with prize pools totaling $829,400.

“The Bay 101 Open is made up of mainly locals but the play is always exciting and the fields grow year over year. We are really happy with the success of this event,” said tournament director Matt Savage.

Tournament director Brian Gudim added, “I would just like to say that the Bay101 Open was once again a huge success this year. We heard a lot of positive feedback from our loyal local players. Our $1,080 main event attendance was up for the third year in a row, creating a prize pool of $522,000 (from 401 to 491 to 522 this year). Our Omaha event was up 20 percent this year as well. The very much anticipated Shootout Event sold out the day before. We were very happy with the Bay 101 Open this year, and are now looking forward to this year’s WPT Shooting Star, which will once again take place this March.”

The main event champion was Kfir Nahum who is a South Bay international travel agent. He said the first tournament he ever played was a satellite for the Shooting Star in 2010 in which he won a seat and went on to place 27th in what would be his second tournament.

Nahum’s road to first place in this year’s Bay 101 Open main event actually began at last year’s main event. “It’s a little story about this tournament, because last year’s tournament, I started it very well,” he told The Cardroom. “In the second hour maybe, my daughter called me that my wife was burned at the house and I had to the leave the tournament in the middle of it. She got skin surgery … she got burned very … third level burns. Yeah and I never got back to the tournament, so this year my wife told me you have to go back and finish the story.”

Quite a finish he had, too. He, Domingos Fernandes and Yinhur Lai chopped the top prize money three ways for $70,000 each with Chau Vu in fourth taking $40,000. Then they played onward for the title, trophy, and accompanying seat in next year’s Shooting Star.

Nahum said of the Bay 101: “It’s like a family here. You come, you play, you talk. Even if it is like a family style, it’s still on a very high, professional level. I like it.”

Stats from the seven events and the top finishers in each were:

Event #1, $345 No-Limit Hold’em, 257 entries, $77,100 prize pool

1st, Stella Su, Milpitas, $21,610

2nd, Tuan Mai, San Leandro, $12,720

3rd, Make Mazdeh, Cupertino, $8,480

4th, Yong Tan, San Jose, $5,900

5th, Kumar Sripadam, Monte Sereno, $4,390

Event #2, $345 Omaha Hi-Lo, 141 entries, $42,300 prize pool

1st, Haile Abraham, San Jose, $13,950

2nd, James Louie, San Jose, $7,610

3rd, Brian Yee, Fairfield, $3,810

4th, Moacyr Vadas, Aptos, $2,960

5th, Graham Perry, Palo Alto, $2,560

Event #3, $345 No-Limit Hold’em, 297 entries, $89,100 prize pool

1st, Sulabh Choudhury, Santa Paula, $24,940

2nd, Phouc Nguyen, San Jose, $14,700

3rd, Victor Ho, San Francisco, $9,800

4th, Bill Zaiss, Menifee, $6,820

5th, Denis Kaganovich, Palo Alto, $5,080

Event #4, $450 Partners No-Limit Hold’em, 99 teams, $39,600 prize pool

1st, Toko Luu & Phi Tran, $13,850

2nd, Jeff Spruitenburg & Andrew MacKenzie, $8,320

3rd, James Anderson & Spencer Weinstein, $4,360

4th, Sergei Morkovine & Alex Kozyrev, $3,170

5th, Marcus Adabi & Mike Mazdeh, $2,770

Event #5, $550 Shootout No-Limit Hold’em, 100 entries, $50,000 prize pool

1st, Paul Nguyen, San Jose, $17,000

2nd, Andre Sim, Dublin, $10,000

3rd, Andrew Sapiro, Alamo, $5,500

4th, Taylor Black, Santa Cruz, $4,000

5th, Paul Nou, San Jose, $3,500

Event #6, $1,080 No-Limit Hold’em Championship, 522 entries, $522,000 prize pool

1st, Kfir Nahum, $70,000

2nd, Domingos, Fernandes, $70,000

3rd, Yinhur Lai, $70,000

4th, Chau Vu, $40,000

5th, Rellie Sigua, $25,020

Event #7, $120 All-in or Fold, 93 entries, $9,300 prize pool

1st, Andre Sim, Dublin, $3,260

2nd, Anthony Auston, $1,950

3rd, Nguyet Lanjitry, $1,020