Gold Rush hits mother lode once again at Lucky Chances Casino

The Lucky Chances Casino held another highly-successful Gold Rush poker tournament series Nov. 17 to 25 with seven events having buy-ins from $120 to $1,080. They attracted 1,345 entries with total prize pools of $724,820.

Tournament director Robert Bloom said, “Our $1,080 buy-in Main Event set another record with first place being $109,100, although there was a three-way chop at the end with Stuart Tuvey taking home the trophy and $92,500 for first place. We are looking at making some changes for the 2014 Battle of the Bay Main Event to accommodate more players and an even bigger prize pool. Please check our website ( for updates. A special thanks to all of our players and hard working staff that continue to make Lucky Chances the ‘Luckiest Place to Play.’”

The seven events and their top ten finishers were as follows:

Event 1, $600 buy-in, 294 entries, $40,000 first place guarantee

1st, Ron Minnis, $28,000

2nd, Ben Sannoff, $28,000

3rd, David Rudolf, $21,785

4th, Will Chun, $21,785

5th, Larry Kern, $8,090

6th, Sean Pouyamehr, $6,470

7th, Sandor Klebik, $5,660

8th, Sargon Shiba, $4,850

9th, Ilyas Yonisi, $4,040

10th, Sam Zai, $2,750

Event 2, $120 buy-in, $100 re-buys, $100 add-on, 175 entries, $10,000 first place guarantee

1st, Arpan Rai, $13,510

2nd, Lewis Luu, $10,240

3rd, Denny Pojanamat, $4,360

4th, Carlos Velazco, $3,870

5th, Ken Vongnarith, $3,400

6th, Jeff Spruitenberg, $2,910

7th, Jason Pump, $2,430

8th, Ching Hung, $1,940

9th, Amar Bhatia, $1,460

10th, Derek Chen, $1,460

Event 3, $350 buy-in, 283 entries, $20,000 first place guarantee

1st, Darrell Ticehurst, $24,210

2nd, Moe Saquing, $20,000

3rd, Remo Valbonesi, $7,250

4th, Tui Hunkin, $5,430

5th, James Ohlweiler, $4,530

6th, Nipun Ajmani, $3,620

7th, Dave Batanga, $3,170

8th, Rex Hale, $2,720

9th, David Delvecchio, $2,260

10th, Steve Thomason, $1,540

Event 4, Six-Handed, $350 buy-in, 110 entries, $10,000 first place guarantee

1st, Mike Nguyen, $4,945

2nd, Ken Gutmaker, $4,925

3rd, Angelo Kratsas, $4,925

4th, Cosimo Spera, $4,925

5th, Colomba Duffy, $4,925

6th, Ben Tom, $4,925

7th, Bernie Yeo, $1,585

8th, Barry Schwartz, $1,585

9th, Gustavo Eydelsteyn, $1,060

10th, Dave Forster, $700

Event 5, Omaha Hi-Lo, $350 buy-in, 55 entries, $10,000 first place guarantee

1st, Bryan Watkins, $8,220

2nd, Chung Leung, $6,000

3rd, Alex Plachutin, $2,110

4th, Karim Tahir, $1,580

5th, Michael Omahony, $1,230

6th, Allen Price, $880

Event 6, Partners, $350 buy-in, 87 entries

1st, Steve Taylor/Michael Wisnoskie, $6,050

2nd, Robert Dong/Scott Williams, $6,050

3rd, Patrice Fayet/Clement Puiggali, $6,050

4th, Rudy Nabong/Bernie Serrano, $2,230

5th, Robert Whelan/Abe Bateh, $1,950

6th, Be Huang/James Ruigomez, $1,670

7th, Alan Resnik/Alfredo Diaz, $1,390

8th, Jerald Gimalay/Bazil Gimalay, $1,110

9th, Denny Pojanamat/Gerry Reed, $840

10th, Joe Capko/Ken Gutmaker, $500

Event 7, Main Event, $1,080 buy-in, 341 entries, $100,000 first place guarantee

1st, Stuart Tuvey, $92,500

2nd, John Tibbetts, $47,580

3rd, James Attard, $47,580

4th, Samuel Takata, $20,460

5th, Sam Eksarun, $17,050

6th, Jason Alexandridis, $13,640

7th, Alex Yi, $11,940

8th, Keith Hang, $10,230

9th, Vishtasb Mazdeh, $8,530

10th, Makram Darnser, $5,800

$100,000 Freeroll

In May 2014 Lucky Chances will be holding a $100,000 Freeroll tournament to qualified tournament players. Players finishing in the money in Lucky Chances weekly tournaments will earn points towards the freeroll.

Those finishing in the top 50 in points each month will qualify. The more times you qualify each month the more chips you will have to start. Qualifying begins in December and ends in April.

For more details you can contact tournament director Robert Bloom by email at or contact by contacting their poker staff.