Hellmuth gets 14th WSOP bracelet

By Arnold Warner

Palo Alto resident Phil Hellmuth extended his record number of World Series of Poker bracelets by winning his 14th on June 8 in Event #17: $10,000 Razz Championship.

With his first place finish paying $271,105, Hellmuth outlasted 102 other entrants to claim the victory and further cement his legacy as the most successful player in WSOP history.

This payday brought his lifetime earnings at the WSOP to an astounding $12,783,905. Over the course of his career, Hellmuth has attained a record 109 cashes at the WSOP with 52 of those being final table appearances.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” said Hell­muth following his victory. “It’s one of those ones where I kept my head down the whole time. I tried to stay divorced from the result, detached from the result. I was just focusing on playing great, playing great, playing great.”

What is there to say about Hellmuth that hasn’t already been said? He first rose to fame in 1989, winning the $10,000 Main Event and denying Johnny Chan his third victory in a row. From that point on, Hellmuth consistently played against elite competition, time and time again dominating the game.

Back in 2012 people questioned whether Hellmuth would ever win a bracelet in a non-Hold’em event (each of his 11 prior bracelets had been in this discipline). Hellmuth silenced critics when he defeated Don Zewin heads up to win the $2,500 Seven Card Razz event. Now, two bracelets later, Hellmuth has once again proven himself to be one of the top Razz players in the world.

“I think I figured something out about Razz in maybe 2012,” said Hellmuth. “All of a sudden the game just clicked. I was like ‘Wow, this game just makes sense.’ Then I won a Razz bracelet!”

The whispers of a possible 14th bracelet for Hellmuth began on Day 2 when he surged to the top of the chip counts. He ultimately finished the day third in chips and was primed for a solid run heading into the final day of play. Hellmuth continued to extend his lead and at one point held half of the chips on the table during five-handed play.

The final table included the likes of fellow bracelet winners Brandon Shack-Harris, Thomas “Thunder” Keller, and Mike Leah. In the end, Hellmuth squared off against 2013 bracelet winner Mike Gorodinsky for the title.

Hellmuth began the match with a chip deficit but quickly battled back into the chip lead. From there, the chips swung back and forth consistently with Gorodinsky all-in for his tournament life several times. In the end however, the Poker Brat was able to clinch the victory.

“This is the quietest heads up I’ve ever had before,” said Hellmuth. “Mike is just really tough and I need all of my concentration to give myself the best chance to beat him. He played phenomenal poker.”

Despite this momentous occasion, Hellmuth immediately made it known to the world that this win was about more than just the glory.

“I’m dedicating this,” said Hellmuth to the crowd after his victory. “I lost a friend about a month ago, Dave Goldberg. I’m going to give this bracelet to his wife and kids. This is for Dave Goldberg. Goldy, I love you.”

Following this win, one thing is certain; while Hellmuth is surely celebrating his win, his quest for bracelet number 15 is right around the corner.

NorCal’s WSOP results

Here are the NorCal players who cashed in the 2015 WSOP:

Event #1: $565 Casino Employees No-Limit, Buy-in: $565, Prizepool: $344,000, Entries: 688

8th, Phi Tran, $7,389, Stockton

32nd, Priscilla Coyne, $1,926, Sacramento

44th, Nathan Bolinger, $1,599, Modesto

Event #3: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $1,239,300, Entries: 918

15th, Erle Mankin, $11,351, Sacramento

17th, Andrew Barber, $9,220, Sacramento

20th, Michael Stewart, $7,584, Soquel

36th, Ron Ware, $6,332, Discovery Bay

39th, Daniel Chio, $5,353, Elk Grove

68th, Eino A Schwartz, $3,470, Auburn

93rd, Kinh Dang, $2,552, San Francisco

102nd, Daniel Harmetz, $2,354, Sacramento

Event #4: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em Shootout, Buy-in: $3,000, Prizepool: $840,840, Entries: 308

4th, Jeffrey Griffiths, $67,788, Pacifica

32nd, Tim West, $6,180, Los Altos

35th, Andres Garcia, $6,180, Salinas

Event #5: THE COLOSSUS $565 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $565, Prizepool: $11,187,000, Entries: 22,374

4th, Paul Lentz, $234,927, San Francisco

47th, Scott Gould, $19,566, Redding

80th, Low Saefong, $12,350, Anderson

86th, Cheryl Svenson, $10,694, Tracy

88th, Joe Kenney, $10,694, San Rafael

113th, Jason Stieber, $8,155, Fresno

159th, Gregory Mayberry, $8,155, Visalia

165th, Quang Tran, $8,155, Elk Grove

191st, Ekrem Bozkurt, $8,155, Fairfield

231st, Zachary Macbeth, $7,170, Berkeley

240th, David Chen, $7,170, Burlingame

250th, Brian Park, $7,170, Los Altos

255th, Apollo Wallace, $7,170, San Francisco

264th, Zachary Hoyer, $7,170, Auburn

273rd, Jose Rivera, $7,170, Hayward

286th, Sasha Sabbaghian, $7,170, Granite Bay

322nd, Amber Chatwin, $6,331, Sacramento

337th, Theodore Grose, $6,331, San Francisco

358th, James Cavanaugh, $6,331, Santa Rosa

381st, Todd Pierce, $6,331, Manteca

392nd, Brian Osullivan, $6,331, Lafayette

400th, Xinli Ye, $5,615, Salinas

405th, Brandon Prater, $5,615, Gilroy

429th, Xiaodan O’Dell, $5,615, Walnut Creek

438th, Keith Finkelstein, $5,615, Lake Tahoe

480th, Todd Keikoan, $5,615, Pinole

497th, Stanford Greene, $5,000, Clovis

508th, Steven Geralis, $5,000, Stockton

509th, Dylan Wilkerson, $5,000, San Francisco

521st, Bradford Jensen, $5,000, Fremont

552nd, Ivin Arquiza, $5,000, Vallejo

553rd, Thomas Kilcollins, $5,000, Novato

581st, Mark Violetti, $5,000, Red Bluff

584th, Halli Pinson, $5,000, Los Gatos

592nd, Giovanni Marzocca, $5,000, Half Moon Bay

609th, James High, $4,474, Clovis

626th, Granville Abbott, $4,474, Redding

684th, Edward Tsai, $4,474, Daly City

713th, Brandon Harper, $4,027, Antioch

716th, Christopher Rhoades, $4,027, Shingle Springs

720th, Marco Johnson, $4,027, Walnut Creek

728th, Soon Saelor, $4,027, Antelope

746th, Christopher Phares, $4,027, Seaside

763rd, Jay Poblete, $4,027, Richmond

781st, Charles Danh, $4,027, Stockton

810th, Lynnore Goldfarb, $3,635, San Francisco

847th, Ronel Dizon, $3,635, Sacramento

849th, Matthew Sullivan, $3,635, San Francisco

854th, Thomas Cook, $3,635, Pacifica


858th, Danamarie Muse, $3,635, San Jose

865th, Tanya Wulff, $3,635, Rohnert Park

868th, Brendan Wiley, $3,635, South Lake Tahoe

883rd, Lenny Dicicco, $3,635, San Jose

901st, Maurice Wearing, $3,300, San Francisco

919th, Jason Mayer, $3,300, Daly City

928th, Samuel Pastor, $3,300, San Francisco

976th, Anthony Hugenberg, $3,300, Folsom

982nd, Edward Poier, $3,300, Stockton

985th, Jared Kwong, $3,300, American Canyon

990th, Cherie Beasley, $3,300, San Francisco

994th, Robert Smith, $3,009, Visalia

998th, Domingos Fernandes, $3,009, Sunnyvale

1004th, Brett Mast, $3,009, Monterey

1017th, Dermot Lyons, $3,009, West Sacramento

1034th, Josh Roberts, $3,009, Jackson

1056th, Ryan Rinker, $3,009, Vacaville

1066th, Warren Payne, $3,009, Castro Valley

1077th, Clifford Paine, $3,009, Sacramento

1080th, San Saelee, $3,009, Antelope

1113th, Satish Sirigirisetty, $2,740, Fremont

1130th, Soctt Ball, $2,740, Pittsburg

1138th, Francisco Lopez, $2,740, Stockton

1144th, Jora Beit, $2,740, Santa Clara

1148th, Jake Straus, $2,740, Mill Valley

1154th, Traig Mcknight, $2,740, Gilroy

1156th, Craig Blank, $2,740, San Ramon

1170th, James Widjaja, $2,740, Clovis

1176th, David Yu, $2,740, Foster City

1201st, Paul Tran, $2,517, Roseville

1247th, Vitaly Yarkov, $2,517, San Jose

1259th, Judenn Deguzman, $2,517, Tracy

1264th, Scott Young, $2,517, Sunnyvale

1270th, Scott Sanders, $2,517, Santa Clara

1274th, James Hohenshelt, $2,517, Santa Clara

1296th, Gregory Pinsonneault, $2,315, Fremont

1308th, Jeffery Wakamiya, $2,315, Carmichael

1317th, Roger Edelen, $2,315, Folsom

1318th, Marc Souza, $2,315, Walnut Creek

1336th, Jeffrey Lennon, $2,315, Fresno

1353rd, Roy Armstrong, $2,315, Rocklin

1382nd, Joshua Marr, $2,315, Seal Beach

1386th, Deidson Camargos, $2,315, Concord

1402nd, Hou Vang, $2,125, Rocklin

1429th, William Richmond, $2,125, San Bruno

1439th, Taylor Black, $2,125, Santa Cruz

1443rd, Daniel Evans, $2,125, Chico

1486th, Efrem Sanchez, $1,957, San Leandro

1497th, Ty Durekas, $1,957, Los Altos Hills

1508th, Kao Vang, $1,957, Crescent City

1526th, Sylvia Lee, $1,957, San Francisco

1530th, Jeff Siegal, $1,957, Daly City

1532nd, William Little, $1,957, Carmel Valley

1541st, Franklin Azevedo, $1,957, Dos Palos

1594th, Greg Feirman, $1,801, Granite Bay

1629th, Willie Smith, $1,801, Little River

1635th, Andrew Kopel, $1,801, San Ramon

1670th, Peter Schneider, $1,801, San Leandro

1674th, Elvis Huynh, $1,801, Alhambra

1679th, Edward Roffman, $1,801, Mill Valley

1682nd, Todd Graham, $1,801, Chico

1695th, David Stanford, $1,655, Santa Rosa

1728th, Rickey Mccray, $1,655, Highland

1749th, Christopher Taylor, $1,655, Coalinga

1751st, Taylor Moroni, $1,655, Redwood Valley

1754th, Edrick Yballa, $1,655, Vallejo

1772nd, Rimvydas Plenys, $1,655, Sanger

1790th, Ryan Swars, $1,521, Oroville

1821st, Lisa La, $1,521, San Francisco

1826th, Bryan Gann, $1,521, Mckinleyville

1832nd, Robert Rooney, $1,521, Oakland

1867th, Michael Riddle, $1,521, Elk Grove

1898th, Joshua Moeckly, $1,398, Elk Grove

1901st, Jeffrey Flowers, $1,398, Manteca

1923rd, James Haytko, $1,398, Danville

1937th, Avery Lane, $1,398, Foster City

1939th, Sean Drake, $1,398, Sacramento

1942nd, Rick Saelee, $1,398, Oakland

1952nd, Jerry Yang, $1,398, Madera

1954th, Matthew Contino, $1,398, Clovis

1970th, Alfie Poetra, $1,398, Daly City

1986th, John Budge, $1,286, Oakland

2015th, Kelly Klute, $1,286, Concord

2033rd, Vivek Joshi, $1,286, San Jose

2081st, Liina Vark, $1,185, San Francisco

2084th, Ryan Hicks, $1,185, Antelope

2088th, Nathan Chen, $1,185, Sacramento

2101st, JC Tran, $1,185, Sacramento

2132nd, John Goyette, $1,185, San Jose

2138th, Sharon Sanchez, $1,185, Penryn

2152nd, Art Christman, $1,185, Visalia

2236th, Darik Conley, $1,096, Carmel

Event #6: $1,000 Hyper Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $1,292,400, Entries: 1,436

12th, Omar Mehmood, $14,255, Foster City

34th, Christopher Czabaranek, $6,319, Sacramento

41st, Elliot Damashek, $5,324, San Francisco

61st, Dmitry Savelyev, $3,890, San Bruno

78th, Hafiz Khan, $2,985, Stockton

106th, Jerad Souza, $2,197, Visalia

Event #8: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $862,650, Entries: 639

66th, Ajay Bhatnagar, $2,432, Fremont

Event #9: $1,500 Razz, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $623,700, Entries: 462

33rd, Russell Cooper, $3,218, Healdsburg

Event #10: $10,000 Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em Championship, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $1,344,200, Entries: 128

6th, JC Tran, $54,545, Sacramento

Event #11: $1,500 Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $891,000, Entries: 660

3rd, Mike Lancaster, $78,693, San Francisco

13th, Wook Kim, $9,373, Madera

16th, Hien Tran, $7,493, Sacramento

40th, Braden Murphy, $4,143, Folsom

46th, Ronald Matsuura, $3,474, San Jose

62nd, Grant Hansen, $2,940, San Jose

Event #12: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $2,228,850, Entries: 1,651

7th, Daniel Maor, $40,565, San Jose

17th, Gordon Vayo, $17,229, San Francisco

48th, Michael Stecker, $6,575, Granite Bay

54th, Galen Hall, $5,928, San Francisco

91st, Soon Saelor, $3,610, Antelope

108th, Candace Collins, $3,610, Redding

133rd, Matthew Gloier, $3,008, Santa Clara

173rd, James Stewart, $2,563, Mountain View

Event #13: $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Buy-in: $2,500, Prizepool: $1,078,350, Entries: 474

32nd, Brandon Wong, $6,545, Clovis

Event #14: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Shootout, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $1,350,000, Entries: 1,000

21st, Erkut Yilmaz, $5,413, Sacramento

62nd, Paul Brown, $5,413, Auburn

82nd, Zhihao Zhang, $5,413, San Francisco

91st, Shaun Mclaughlin, $5,413, San Ramon

Event #16: MILLIONAIRE MAKER $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $9,821,250, Entries: 7,275

40th, Antonio Gutierrez, $29,463, Roseville

80th, Andrew Barber, $13,553, Sacramento

81st, Ken Kao, $13,553, Santa Clara

84th, Yotam Shmuelov, $11,392, San Francisco

95th, Ronald Hall, $9,624, Concord

172nd, Clinton Jenkins, $6,973, San Jose

182nd, Edward Moncada, $6,973, Oakland

191st, William Wendling, $6,973, Emeryville

194th, Carlos Gonzalezpadilla, $6,973, Berkeley

208th, Andrew Jenkins, $6,973, Monterey

232nd, Tal Hart, $6,973, Sunnyvale

236th, Jeffrey Lennon, $6,973, Fresno

239th, Elliot Shmukler, $6,973, San Jose

283rd, Jeffrey Blasy, $5,990, S. Lake Tahoe

292nd, Gregory Connor, $5,990, San Mateo

293rd, Gordon Vayo, $5,990, San Francisco

300th, David Chase, $5,990, Alameda

314th, Davit Karapetyan, $5,990, San Francisco

322nd, Calen McNickles, $5,205, Redding

441st, Liina Vark, $4,517, San Francisco

444th, Chiab Saechao, $4,517, Visalia

455th, Kelly Giannetti, $4,517, Davis

457th, Bhupinder Singh, $4,517, Sacramento

464th, Vincent Rubianes, $3,928, Stockton

471st, Soon Saelor, $3,928, Antelope

474th, Rajit Jain, $3,928, Foster City

489th, Mitchell Greenblatt, $3,928, Danville

502nd, Craig Carrillo, $3,928, Santa Rosa

530th, Brad Anderson, $3,928, Fresno

551st, Ronald Larsen, $3,437, Redding

552nd, Rudy Wong, $3,437, Fremont

577th, Zachary Mcdiarmid, $3,437, Chico

593rd, Steven Taxarchis, $3,437, Santa Rosa

612nd, Alfie Poetra, $3,044, Daly City

623rd, Yehoram Houri, $3,044, San Francisco

626th, Ben Sarnoff, $3,044, San Francisco

641st, Dylan Wilkerson, $3,044, San Francisco

657th, Scott Young, $3,044, Sunnyvale

699th, Jason Heidema, $2,749, San Francisco

Event #17: $10,000 Razz Championship, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $968,200, Entries: 103

1st, Phil Hellmuth, $271,105, Palo Alto

15th, Joseph Ranciato, $17,098, Sacramento

Event #18: $1,000 Turbo No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $1,611,900, Entries: 1,791

85th, Daniel Corona, $2,740, San Jose

125th, George Miller, $2,192, Ukiah

159th, Phillip Ambrocio, $1,982, San Jose

185th, Cameron Martin, $1,821, Redding

Event #19: $3,000 Limit Hold’em 6-Handed, Buy-in: $3,000, Prizepool: $870,870, Entries: 319

13th, Yegor Tsurikov, $9,501, Walnut Creek

15th, Daniel Harmetz, $9,501, Sacramento

35th, Casey McCarrel, $5,129, Walnut Creek

Event #20: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $2,489,400, Entries: 1,844

52nd, Tim West, $7,642, Los Altos

62nd, Dylan Wilkerson, $6,472, San Francisco

69th, Yanki Koppel, $5,551, Sunnyvale

103rd, Lance Donnell, $3,385, Davis

135th, Scott Saechao, $3,061, Elk Grove

182nd, Brett Murray, $2,813, Santa Rosa

Event #21: $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $1,475,800, Entries: 157

10th, Prince of Docness, $29,943, Aptos

Event #22: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $1,723,500, Entries: 1,915

30th, Jeff Siegal, $7,617, Daly City

67th, Erle Mankin, $3,843, Sacramento

85th, Jan Stein, $2,929, Berkeley

139th, Louis Campbell, $2,119, San Francisco

146th, Evan Schwartz, $2,119, Oakland

Event #23: $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $295,650, Entries: 219

15th, Todd Bui, $3,154, Sacramento

Event #24: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E., Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $1,042,200, Entries: 772

26th, Omar Mehmood, $5,388, Foster City

31st, Phil Hellmuth, $5,388, Palo Alto

42nd, Feliz Granados, $3,991, Davis

Event #25: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Handed, Buy-in: $5,000, Prizepool: $2,317,100, Entries: 493

33rd, Isaac Baron, $11,515, Menlo Park

54th, Galen Hall, $8,642, San Francisco

Event #26: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $1,163,700, Entries: 1,293

10th, Julian Galvan, $12,835, Sacramento

63rd, Tom West, $3,502, Los Altos

128th, Dmitry Savelyev, $1,815, San Bruno

131st, Eric Dilda, $1,815, San Francisco

Event #28: MONSTER STACK $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $9,709,200, Entries: 7,192

32nd, William Shanks, $36,700, Fresno

37, Mick Smith, $29,710, Chico

40th, Joseph James, $29,710, Willow Creek

42nd, Kenneth Jones, $29,710, Sacramento

57th, Jeffery Wakamiya, $19,806, Carmichael

153rd, Andrew Barber, $8,155, Sacramento

179th, Subaru Takeshita, $6,990, San Francisco

236th, Zachary Mcdiarmid, $6,019, Chico

281st, Nicholas Kallenbach, $6,019, S. Lake Tahoe

321st, Khou Fang, $5,242, Elk Grove

328th, Gina Stagnitto, $5,242, Antioch

341st, JC Tran, $5,242, Sacramento

359th, Brett Murray, $5,242, Santa Rosa

388th, Richard Guzzo, $4,563, San Francisco

403rd, Liina Vark, $4,563, San Francisco

406th, Dean Freedlander, $4,563, San Francisco

414th, Steve Gee, $4,563, Sacramento

417th, Ferenc Szuchopa, $4,563, Antioch

452nd, Travis Atkins, $3,980, Placerville

476, Hafiz Khan, $3,980, Stockton

477th, Richard Harroch, $3,980, San Francisco

559th, Tony Villagra, $3,495, San Pablo

562nd, Careen Foster, $3,495, Emeryville

570th, Candace Collins, $3,495, Redding

593rd, Tuiofu Hunkin, $3,106, Daly City

605th, Guowei Zhang, $3,106, San Francisco

631st, Vincent Phu, $3,106, Sacramento

654th, Joseph Arent, $2,815, Roseville

668th, Robert Roth, $2,815, Santa Clara

671st, Eric Thompkins, $2,815, Sacramento

708th, Kelly Winterhalter, $2,815, Oakland

709th, David Wong, $2,815, Stockton

Event #30: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $1,935,900, Entries: 2,151

5th, Bruce Angeski, $80,485, Sacramento

6th, David Chase, $59,538, Alameda

30th, Terrence Byrnes, $8,517, Los Gatos

43rd, Nghiahiep Nguyen, $7,046, San Jose

55th, Alexander Keating, $4,917, Saratoga

79th, Paul Moraes, $3,591, Benicia

111st, Jose Basa, $2,410, Fremont

156th, Grantland Hillman, $2,168, Oakland

196th, Ivin Arquiza, $1,974, Vallejo

212th, Arthur Baraan, $1,974, San Jose

Event #31: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Buy-in: $3,000, Prizepool: $1,310,400, Entries: 480

18th, Taylor Paur, $11,754, El Dorado Hills

Event #32: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed, Buy-in: $5,000, Prizepool: $2,585,000, Entries: 550

17th, Olaoluwa Okelola, $25,022, Palo Alto

40th, Gordon Vayo, $11,916, San Francisco

53rd, Faraz Jaka, $9,667, San Jose

Event #33: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $523,800, Entries: 388

30th, Yegor Tsurikov, $3,593, Walnut Creek

Event #34: $1,500 Split Format Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $1,178,550, Entries: 873

17th, Francis Witek, $7,189, Nevada City

35th, Jason Hammerman, $6,128, Lafayette

Event #35: $3,000 H.O.R.S.E., Buy-in: $3,000, Prizepool: $1,026,480, Entries: 376

8th, Taylor Paur, $24,070, El Dorado Hills

16th, Andrew Barber, $9,607, Sacramento

24th, Marco Johnson, $7,903, Walnut Creek

Event #36: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $1,320,300, Entries: 978

58th, Joseph Ranciato, $4,203, Sacramento

82nd, Johnny Neckar, $2,951, Mountain View

Event #37: $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Championship, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $2,434,600, Entries: 259

19th, Faraz Jaka, $22,057, San Jose

24th, Quoc Pham, $22,057, Saratoga

Event #38: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $3,000, Prizepool: $2,699,970, Entries: 989

7th, Alexander Keating, $64,691, Saratoga

50th, Brett Murray, $9,962, Santa Rosa

Event #39: $1,500 Ten-Game Mix, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $513,000, Entries: 380

2nd, Rostislav Tsodikov, $82,398, Daly City

17th, Phil Hellmuth, $5,360, Palo Alto

Event #40: $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $3,773,700, Entries: 4,193

8th, Steve Gee, $64,417, Sacramento

16th, Theodore Grose, $23,510, San Francisco

18th, Brian Cunningham, $23,510, Dublin

28th, William Barton Davis, $14,906, Mckinleyville

61st, Kenneth Bass, $8,000, Fresno

72nd, Michael Kuppenbender, $6,603, Carmichael

77th, Ron Burke, $5,509, San Jose

78th, Brian Halloran, $5,509, Santa Rosa

106th, Granville Abbott, $3,320, Redding

157th, Thomas Elliott, $3,320, Redlands

159th, James Dybas, $3,320, Milpitas

196th, Remo Valbonesi, $2,830, Greenbrae

218th, Michael Tomaselli, $2,830, Discovery Bay

221st, Timothy Hayes, $2,830, Sacramento

232nd, Jeffrey Carlson, $2,452, Redwood Valley

237th, Richard Wright, $2,452, Fresno

247th, Chuck Faciani, $2,452, Concord

268th, Neil Blumenfield, $2,452, San Francisco

280th, Blaine Powell, $2,452, San Leandro

290th, John Elvidge, $2,151, Seal Beach

312th, Douglas Manguiat, $2,151, San Francisco

364th, Mark Dudley, $1,886, San Jose

388th, Monte Macer, $1,886, Santa Clara

Event #42: $1,500 Extended Play No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $2,583,900, Entries: 1,914

44th, Matt Kramer, $9,457, Rancho Cordova

48th, Naveh Morris, $7,932, San Leandro

98th, Brett Murray, $3,927, Santa Rosa

147th, Andrew Barber, $3,178, Sacramento

165th, Samuel Lee, $2,919, San Francisco

170th, Liina Vark, $2,919, San Francisco

171st, William Shanks, $2,919, Fresno

196th, Krishna Gumidyala, $2,919, San Francisco

Event #43: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $1,379,700, Entries: 1,533

27th, Gary Schwartz, $7,671, Walnut Creek

32nd, William Korn, $6,332, Citrus Heights

55th, Scott Silverman, $3,863, Lone Pine

79th, Robert Smith, $2,966, Visalia

81st, Michael Campos, $2,966, Chico

93rd, Peter Gomez, $2,386, Stockton

100th, Ronald Maria, $2,152, Sonora

105th, James Muehlhausen, $2,152, Sacramento

134th, Roger Gold, $1,986, San Francisco

164th, Jan Stein, $1,821, Berkeley

Event #45: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $2,234,250, Entries: 1,655

11th, Konstantin Polin, $23,660, Saint Helena

39th, Anthony Baptista, $8,579, Denair

64th, Triet Nguyen, $5,451, San Leandro

65th, Cameron Smith, $5,451, Cameron Park

67th, Tim West, $5,451, Los Altos

68th, Jaroslaw Markowiak, $5,451, Ukiah

92nd, Paul Dasilva, $3,865, Escalon

Event #46: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Handed, Buy-in: $3,000, Prizepool: $1,861,860, Entries: 682

11th, Taylor Paur, $21,578, El Dorado Hills

41st, Jeffrey Brunelle, $8,061, Sunnyvale

Event #47: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $2,500, Prizepool: $2,830,100, Entries: 1,244

16th, Phil Hellmuth, $20,263, Palo Alto

27th, Marc Alioto, $16,640, San Rafael

70th, Clifford Anderson, $7,414, Vacaville

85th, Lance Donnell, $5,830, Davis

92nd, Jason Montague, $5,292, Berkeley

124th, Jesse Campos, $4,414, Chico

141st, David Stanford, $4,414, Santa Rosa

Event #48: $1,500 Seven Card Stud, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $441,450, Entries: 237

28th, Greg Mascio, $2,851, Fullerton

Event #49: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $1,100,250, Entries: 815

7th, Prince of Docness, $28,771, Aptos

13th, Galen Hall, $10,969, San Francisco

49th, Erle Mankin, $4,268, Sacramento

56th, Daniel Chio, $3,608, Elk Grove

76th, Matt Kramer, $2,728, Rancho Cordova

Event #50: $10,000 Limit Hold’em Championship, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $1,099,800, Entries: 117

8th, Marco Johnson, $34,027, Walnut Creek

15th, Yegor Tsurikov, $18,520, Walnut Creek


Event #51: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed, Buy-in: $3,000, Prizepool: $2,847,390, Entries: 1,043

18th, Taylor Paur, $23,918, El Dorado Hills

83rd, Efren Rabago, $6,150, Sacramento

98th, Brandon Frontin, $5,666, Sonoma

Event #53: $10,000/$1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $715,500, Entries: 795

13th, Quyen Hoang, $7,341, Sacramento

42nd, Millie Shiu, $3,319, Milpitas

46th, Persia Bonella, $2,783, Hayward

55th, Sandra Kasinowicz, $2,353, El Dorado Hills

65th, Christine Sharkey, $2,010, Sacramento

80th, Helen Coronado, $1,781, Fresno

Event #55: $1,500 Draftkings 50/50 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $1,516,050, Entries: 1,123

16th, Tanya Kirk, $7,354, San Jose

21st, Darryl Kirchner, $6,049, Santa Rosa

32nd, Rodney Martin, $5,048, Hanford

58th, James Cavanaugh, $3,153, Santa Rosa

59th, Prabhjot Mall, $3,153, Fremont

65th, Marcus Mack, $2,774, Hayward

88th, Scott Elfstrom, $2,213, San Francisco

116th, Gina Stagnitto, $1,880, Antioch

148th, Benjamin Paul, $1,500, Patterson

161st, Taylor Black, $1,500, Santa Cruz

218th, Michael Stecker, $1,500, Granite Bay

240th, Noel Garcia, $1,500, Patterson

298th, Richard Harroch, $1,000, San Francisco

311th, Stanley Truong, $1,000, San Francisco

327th, Mark Klapcic, $1,000, Pleasanton

348th, Evan Schwartz, $1,000, Oakland

370th, Andrew Talbot, $1,000, San Jose

375th, Steve Hoisington, $1,000, Roseville

385th, Christopher Allen, $1,000, Walnut Creek

420th, Mark Simmerman, $1,000, Napa

437th, Haixia Zhang, $1,000, Los Gatos

480th, Paul Cantey, $1,000, Napa

515th, Peter Dirksen, $1,000, San Francisco

546th, Michael McDaniels, $1,000, Visalia

547th, Linda Cantey, $1,000, Napa

560th, Eric Walterhouse, $1,000, Oakland

Event #56: $5,000 Turbo No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $5,000, Prizepool: $2,133,800, Entries: 454

7th, Hung Tran, $65,144, San Jose

Event #57: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $2,247,300, Entries: 2,497

16th, Thomas Loya, $14,247, Fremont

43rd, Dominic Priest, $7,595, Folsom

92nd, Brandon Carl, $2,854, San Francisco

112th, Jeff Siegal, $2,516, Daly City

151st, David Rendahl, $2,247, Visalia

168th, Alex Benjamen, $2,247, San Jose

186th, Steve Gee, $2,022, Sacramento

236th, Jeffrey Blasy, $1,820, S Lake Tahoe

246th, Yotam Shmuelov, $1,820, San Francisco

259th, Adam Duong, $1,820, Sacramento

Event #58: $111,111 High Roller for ONE DRO, Buy-in: $111,111, Prizepool: $14,249,925, Entries: 135

6th, Phil Hellmuth, $696,821, Palo Alto

Event #59: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $2,909,250, Entries: 2,155

4th, Haixia Zhang, $165,492, Los Gatos

37th, Levi Hull, $10,589, Sacramento

54th, Derek Criswell, $8,785, Elk Grove

93rd, Brandon Wong, $4,072, Clovis

112th, Lance Greco, $3,622, San Jose

128th, Khamsy Nuanmanee, $3,622, Weed

175th, Christopher Allen, $2,967, Walnut Creek

185th, Jonathan McGowan, $2,967, Martinez

197th, Cameron Smith, $2,967, Cameron Park

Event #61: $1,111 The Little One for One Drop, Buy-in: $1,000, Prizepool: $4,099,500, Entries: 4,555

23rd, Tom West, $20,210, Los Altos

54th, Hemanth Kumar, $10,658, Sunnyvale

73rd, Evgeni Tourevski, $5,985, Lincoln

163rd, Travis Atkins, $3,074, Placerville

172nd, Brett Murray, $3,074, Santa Rosa

182nd, Alex Huynh, $3,074, San Jose

201st, Craig Gold, $3,074, Belmont

208th, Jason Bousquet, $3,074, San Ramon

249th, Duke Lee, $2,664, San Francisco

271st, Elena Stover, $2,664, Oakland

295th, Omar Mehmood, $2,336, Foster City

321st, Vince Young, $2,336, Alameda

322nd, Arthur Wu, $2,336, San Jose

343rd, Jimmy Zeledon, $2,049, San Jose

Event #62: $1,500 Bounty No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $1,500, Prizepool: $2,940,300, Entries: 2,178

49th, Pablo Estrada, $5,313, Santa Rosa

56th, Sean Drake, $4,480, Sacramento

79th, Blade Bricker, $3,276, Concord

105th, Rafik Issabeigi, $2,221, Fremont

127th, Richard Harroch, $2,221, San Francisco

192nd, JC Tran, $1,832, Sacramento

205th, Xiaodan O’Dell, $1,832, Walnut Creek

216th, Alexander Keating, $1,666, Saratoga

230th, Derek Lemos, $1,666, Fremont

Event #63: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E Championship, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $1,917,000, Entries: 204

1st, Andrew Barber, $517,766, Sacramento

Event #66: $777 LUCKY SEVENS No-Limit Hold’em, Buy-in: $777, Prizepool: $3,095,400, Entries: 4,422

3rd, David Yu, $217,173, Foster City

5th, Faraz Jaka, $119,606, San Jose

50th, Adam Dunkle, $8,048, Clovis

52nd, Tom West, $8,048, Los Altos

80th, Ivin Arquiza, $4,519, Vallejo

103rd, Todd Keikoan, $2,723, Pinole

118th, Michael Urhausen, $2,723, San Jose

161st, Joshua Lay, $2,321, Hayward

175th, Marcus Mack, $2,321, Hayward

186th, Patrick Lyons, $2,321, San Mateo

191st, Alexander Keating, $2,321, Saratoga

196th, Tony Ginzbourg, $2,321, Walnut Creek

213th, Bobby Cisneros, $2,321, Fresno

260th, Christopher Taylor, $2,012, Coalinga

261st, Mario Quijano, $2,012, Mountain View

262nd, Billy Cartlidge, $2,012, Tulare

281st, David Hicks, $1,764, Redwood City

304th, Jared Kwong, $1,764, American Canyon

307th, Tony Huang, $1,764, San Leandro

378th, Matthew Janda, $1,547, Richmond

392nd, Toko Luu, $1,547, San Jose

394th, Prasad Inamdar, $1,547, San Francisco

422nd, Keshav Srinivasan, $1,361, Cupertino

428th, Rellie Sigua, $1,361, San Bruno

437th, Navjot Dhillon, $1,361, Yuba City

467th, Srinivas Sirigirisetty, $1,361, Fremont

Event #68: No-Limit Hold’em MAIN EVENT, Buy-in: $10,000, Prizepool: $60,348,000, Entries: 6,420

3rd in chips heading into final table in November, Neil Blumenfield. 22,000,000, San Francisco


21st, Mario Sequeira, $262,574, Hanford

62nd, Andrew Jenkins, $113,764, Monterey

145th, Brian Mintz, $46,890, Cloverdale

193rd, David Yu, $40,433, Foster City

228th, David Stamm, $34,157, Granite Bay

229th, Mike McClain, $34,157, Davis

266th, Lenny DiCicco, $34,157, San Jose

294th, Marco Johnson, $29,329, Walnut Creek

346th, Tom West, $29,329, Los Altos

356th, Jonathan McGowan, $24,622, Martinez

392nd, Zach Jiganti, $24,622, San Francisco

417th, Phil Hellmuth, $21,786, Palo Alto

424th, Peter Brown, $21,786, Alameda

434th, JC Tran, $21,786, Sacramento

517th, Moon Kim, $19,500, Dublin

574th, Albert Gutierrez, $17,282, Vacaville

575th, Phi Tran, $17,282, Stockton

621st, Patrick Lyons, $17,282, San Mateo

628th, Mark Simmerman, $17,282, Napa

662nd, Taylor Black, $15,000, Santa Cruz

698th, Kristina Holst, $15,000, Palo Alto

720th, Yegor Tsurikov, $15,000, Walnut Creek

738th, Aric Erickson, $15,000, Chico

745th, Randy Gil, $15,000, Milpitas

755th, Jeff Siegal, $15,000, Daly City

785th, Faraz Jaka, $15,000, San Jose

826th, Andre Lapchuk, $15,000, San Francisco

829th, Arthur Tanimoto, $15,000, Elk Grove

859th, Matt Kramer, $15,000, Rancho Cordova

880th, Robert Grossglauser, $15,000, Elk Grove

944th, Brad Anderson, $15,000, Fresno

953rd, Eric Jackson, $15,000, Menlo Park