Kitagawa shares poker journey

By Raymond T. Akers

“I like good food, travel, working out, wine, beer, women, sports, dogs, people, and poker,” Kyle Kitagawa shared in “Let Me Introduce Myself …,” his first post as a guest blogger on The Cardroom’s new website.

The Sacramento poker player is well known on Twitter (@Kylek_poker) and Instagram (@Cali_kiddd) and enjoys sharing his poker and other life experiences with rest of us. He’s been a profitable poker player since 2010, sometimes playing professionally and at others more semi-professionally.

“I think what will separate my journey from those you typically read about—like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and those big stars—is I represent the small-time grinder that may never have that big score,” he said in a recent interview. “I’m trying for that big score obviously, but the majority of us are $2/5, $5/10 no-limit grinders so you’re not going to read about us. We’re not usually represented when you hear about what’s going on in the poker world.”

In that first post he also said, “Poker is not just a game of chance. It is a lifestyle that requires both emotional and mental stability, an understanding of probability and variance, a desire to learn, and a healthy balance of exercise, nutrition, and family or friends. To succeed in poker, you also need dedication, discipline, and a lot of patience. My plan is to discuss my experiences in each of these topics along with some hand analysis and strategy, and hopefully some of you can relate either if you’re an upcoming pro or someone considering playing full time.”

In addition to that first post, Kitagawa has also already covered such topics as limit Hold’em strategy, understanding variance, and nutrition.

You can read all of his blog posts by clicking on Kyle Kitagawa under “Guest Bloggers” at www.thecardroom-norcal. com, and be sure to follow him and The Cardroom (@norcalcardroom) on Twitter and Instagram.