Lawsuits filed against Madera County by former Chukchansi tribal police

Claiming malicious prosecution, false arrests, arrests without probable cause, excessive bail, emotional distress, and economic losses, nine of 10 tribal officers filed civil suits against Madera County. They were jailed when Sheriffs raided Chuk­chansi Casino during a dispute between tribal members in October of 2014. The raid led to a 14-month closure of the casino.

The six lawsuits were filed in Fresno’s U.S. District Court and name former District Attorney Michael Keitz, current D.A. David Linn, his prosecutor Nick Fogg, former Sheriff John Anderson, as well as other members of the Sheriff’s office.

The officers were originally charged with 27 felony counts, among them false imprisonment and kidnapping. Some of their bails were set at more than $1 million. Plea bargains reduced most of those charges to misdemeanor trespassing.

Claims have been made that the arrests broke up families, caused homes to be lost, and affected further employment opportunities.