Lucky Chances Gold Rush has record field

The Lucky Chances Casino in Colma held its Gold Rush series of tournaments in November, breaking a record for the number of players in the Main Event and sending plenty of cash home with players from all over Northern California and beyond.

Held Nov. 11 to 18, the series began with a $550 + $50 Hold’em tournament with $40,000 guaranteed for first place, and finished with the Main Event which had a $1,000 + $80 buy-in and guaranteed $100,000 for first place.

“Thanks to the professional and hard working staff at Lucky Chances we had another very successful Gold Rush Tournament,” said tournament director Robert Bloom. “With the exception of Omaha Hi-Low, we exceeded the guarantees on all of our events. For the second year in a row we set a new record for our $100,000 Main Event. First place this year was $105,600, with 330 players shooting for the title.”

First place in the Main Event went to John Nguyen, who actually took home $77,440 after the top three players agreed on a reorganization of the prize money, then played it out for the trophy and bragging rights.

The others at the final table, in order of finish, were: Michelle Jung, $60,000; Surinder Singh, $50,000; Moe Saquing, $19,800; Cameron Faro, $16,500; Trung Ta, $13,200; Temoor Noor, $11,550; Frank Alfonso, $9,900; Eric Werner, $8,250; and Praneet Row, $5,610.

The $40K event which opened the series had the top seven players taking a minimum of $14,000, while the top three played it out for the title and remaining prize money. The order of finish was: Derrick Nam, $23,500; Keith Hang, $19,330; David Bertelson, $22,330; Allan Kwong, $14,000; Lawrence Michael, $14,000; Jerry Downs, $14,000; Mike Persky, $14,000; Joe Barry, $4,410; Hop Fu, $3,670; and Muthu Sivasubramaniam, $2,790.

The next largest event was the $20K guarantee, which finished as follows;  Mike Harvey, $24,090; Mimi Luu, $12,380; Bob Tang, $6,190; Ching Hung, $4,820; Jimmy Zeledon, $3,780; J.J. Tran, $3,100; Darrell Ticehurst, $2,410; Joe Nguyen, $2,060; Ali Mohammadi, $1,720; and Kevin Bohm, $1,310.

The other Gold Rush events included a $10K guarantee re-buy tournament which had a two-way chop between 2011 and 2012 NorCal Player of the Year Rellie Sigua and Yotam Shmuelov.

The $10K guarantee six-handed tournament was chopped four ways by Barney Klein, Rose Brennen, Dave Forster, and Scott Sanders. Seven players went in on a chop in the $10K guarantee Omaha Hi-Low event. They were: Clement Puiggali, David Gilliam, Vinh Pham, Christina Hung, Cesar Suarez, Antonio Scherzer, and Chris Lopata.

Their no-limit Hold’em partners event attracted 73 teams to this $320 + $30 tournament, with the top prize being split by two teams: Brian Wong/Art Dyogi and Steve Nenaydokh/Felix German.