Napa Valley Casino: Average isn’t enough

A professional poker player’s mindset when playing poker is different than your average player. They play to earn a living, pay bills, live comfortably, and earn money for that next investment, but most people play because they like it—for fun, the interaction with other players, competitiveness, and hopefully to win some money.

For those players poker is more about the experience than anything else. At Napa Valley Casino they are not satisfied with the average poker experience and are raising the bar of expectations and comfort.

When people think of a casino or cardroom it is defined by the games available; however, Napa Valley Casino is redefining that into a total gaming experience. They have the chips and the games—from $3/6 Hold’em to PLO—but now they will also have a lot more.

Everybody enjoys watching television while they relax and play. Napa Valley Casino is surrounded by an abundant amount of large HD televisions that broadcast sporting events, including every NFL game. If television distracts your attention, then Napa Valley Casino offers gentle, soothing music to put any player in the right state of mind to play poker.

For those awaiting a seat in the game, Napa Valley Casino offers its players free wi-fi Internet so players can entertain themselves without using their own data plan. Players can even get their car washed without leaving the comfort of their seat. If muscles are a little tight from work or playing a long session, Napa Valley Casino will soon provide massages to relax away the tension.

If you want something to eat or drink while playing or waiting, they serve free dinner daily, and offer complimentary drinks to players. They even serve up gourmet espressos like the neighborhood coffee house. Napa Valley is known around the world for its wine, and the casino is partnering up with wine producers to pour top quality wines for its players to enjoy.

Need a little extra bang for your buck? Napa Valley Casino claims the most free­roll tournaments and giveaways in the Bay Area, including several $1,000 freeroll tour­naments throughout the year as well as cruises, merchandise, and numerous tournament entries.

An all-new, state-of-the-art cashier/cage booth is being built to better service players, and more opportunities to hit jackpots and bonuses are right around the corner.

For the average poker player looking to have an above-average experience, Napa Valley Casino claims they will not be satisfied until they provide the best gaming experience around.