New poker tournaments at Colusa

Colusa Casino Resort has expanded its poker pit and comes in with hot new tournaments and promotions for March. They are bringing back poker tournaments including $40 no-limit Hold’em freeze-out events on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. and a crazy, bold twist on the classic no-limit Hold’em tournament with the introduction of their Thursday Night Bail-Out events at 7:00 p.m.

Bail-Out tournaments will have a $50 buy-in and starting stacks of 4,000 with no re-buys or add-on. From each buy-in $40 goes into the Bail-Out pool and $10 to the prize pool. There is no registration fee for these events and Colusa Casino will even add an additional $140 to the prize pool during the month of March. Blinds will start at 25/50 and levels will last 20 minutes.

After the first three levels, players may choose to “bail out” by cashing in their tournament chips. Every 100 tournament chips will be worth $1, so if you bail out with 15,000 chips you’ll receive $150. However, your tournament will be over and you’ll no longer be eligible for the prize pool money.

Sixty percent of the prize pool will go to second place and 40 percent to third, with nothing left over for first place! That’s because first place, having accumulated all of the chips in play gets everything that’s left in the Bail Out pool.

In addition to the unique new poker tournaments, Colusa Casino Resort is scheduled to offer some of the most engaging promotions for table games in March as well. Leading the way is Table Games Bingo, where you are issued a free four-spot Bingo card for each game type. Hit a “bingo” by filling each of the four target hands to win a 10-to-1 bonus payout on your hand. You can even take your bingo cards home with you and bring them back later to continue to chase your bingos.

Fans of college basketball will want to get in on Colusa Casino’s March Match-ness promotion where anytime you play two hours or more of poker or table games you will have one of the top 30 college basketball teams in the country randomly drawn for you. Collect as many teams as you like, but hang onto those teams, because if any of them make the Sweet 16 or better it will give you a chance to win a lot of cash.

Looking for somewhere to spend St. Patrick’s Day? At Colusa Casino Resort they will be adding a “Shamrock Ace” to each one of their six-deck shoe games. Get a Blackjack with the Shamrock Ace and you will receive a 3-to-1 payout. Get dealt the Shamrock Ace and receive a 2-to-1 payout for beating the dealer. If the dealer gets the Shamrock Ace, everyone at the table wins.

Table Games Shift Manager Rob Arquette noted, “In order to deliver our guests the best value and fun factor they expect when visiting Colusa Casino Resort, we needed to step outside the box and create tournaments and promotions that are totally unique, fun, and worthwhile. We are constantly striving to bring our players something new and innovative and I believe we have accomplished just that with our exciting changes for March.”

For more information about Colusa Casino’s poker and table games events and promotions call 530-458-8844.