Omaha a big hit at Capitol

Come in to Capitol Casino on any given day and you will be sure to find an Omaha game going with plenty of action. Not only have they acquired an onslaught of new customers that love the game of Omaha, some of the brave $4/8 and $8/16 Texas Hold’em regulars have found their way into the Omaha world and are really enjoying the action the game has to offer.

Now that Omaha has made a name for itself at Capitol Casino, it gives the customer another option in what they want to play. On Monday’s at 3:00 p.m., Capitol Casino offers $8/16 Omaha with a half kill. This game has been off the charts with the buzz it creates around the room, many times having to spread multiple games of both $4/8 and $8/16 Omaha.

If limit poker is not your thing, you can head into the skillful waters of $1/3 or the popular $2/5 no-limit games. Capitol Casino has a huge variety of games under one roof to suit everyone’s level of play.

Capitol Casino is pleased to announce the addition of another EZ Baccarat table, bringing the total for this exciting game to two tables, as well as one each of Supreme Baccarat, Pai Gow tiles, and the newly added Fortune Bonus Bet for Pai Gow Poker. Check out the revamped Dragon Room if Asian table games are what you prefer. Blackjack is going strong at all times with multiple tables to assure you will have a spot to place your lucky wager.

If tournament poker is your thing then Capitol Casino is the answer. With their large number of entries the prize pools are phenomenal. Their weekday tournaments average from 85 to 100 entries on any given day for just a $30 buy-in, with one lifeline extended in either a re-buy or an add-on for another $30. The prize pool for these weekday tournaments often pushes the $4,000 threshold.

Weekend tournaments are just as exciting, with the popular $220 Deep Stack event on the second Saturday of every month, with the added $220 seat offered up by the casino for the Monday through Friday tournaments, they often eclipse the 100 entry barrier.

The first, third, fourth, and fifth Sunday of the month Capitol Casino offers a $120 buy-in tournament which is also a great value. The prize pool is guaranteed for these Sunday tournaments at $5,000 but they often reach over $10,000.

Following the Lucky Cash Promo (the casino was packed for drawing day as they gave away $25,000 in cash) Capitol Casino is rolling out the Blazing Cash Promo. Another $25,000 in cash will be up for grabs on this lucky day in July. If you get a full house or show your aces you will receive a raffle ticket (must have Player’s Rewards card). These tickets can be obtained in either live games or tournament play. For the Omaha game, you must get 10s full or better to receive a ticket.

The food at Capitol Casino is some of the best in the area, with a Happy Hour menu available from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. daily, as well as a complimentary menu for Asian games. Late night dining is available until 3:30 a.m. every day. HDTVs are plentiful throughout the casino to watch your favorite team.

For more information on promotions and tournaments, as well as a full list of games played and other events, please visit their website at or phone 916-446-0700 and speak to the floor person.