Play good! Play bad! Get lucky!

Prop Tales

By Bill Patty

Have you ever had one of those days when, no matter how well you think you are playing, you just can’t win a hand? The kind of cold streak where you just had your aces cracked for the third time in less than an hour by 3-8 off-suit by someone who called a capped pot pre-flop?

Have you ever had one of those rushes when, no matter what cards you play, you just keep stacking the chips? The kind of rush where you win five kill pots in a row and your $100 buy-in balloons to $500-plus in the blink of an eye?

We all have similar stories.

Why? Because we are poker players. We love and hate the game at the same time.

We show up to our favorite poker rooms on a regular basis to play, joke, have fun, eat, visit, and hopefully get lucky.

It is generally understood that better poker players win in the long run, but on a given day, Lady Luck can shine down on you and make you a winner. New high hand! Royal flush! Jackpot! Nut, nut! Something good can happen at any moment.

As a poker prop who works 40 hours a week and rarely complains about going to work, I have had and seen many hot and cold streaks. I have been on the winning and losing ends of bad beat jackpots, had royal flushes, won drawings and high hands, gotten table shares of several jackpots, large and small, and had months where I have run so bad that I have questioned and analyzed my play to the brink of insanity, wondering what I could have done so wrong that the poker gods threw me in the loser pile.

[As a side note: Speaking of insanity, I have been propping for going on eight years now, and although I am not insane yet (by my account), I have started calling yard work my therapy. I wake up at night screaming: “Why? No! All-in! How? Why? Why?” Okay, just kidding about that last part. But, my yard looks pretty darn good!]

Somebody asked me again the other day about becoming a prop. I gave them my standard answer: “Anybody who is dumb enough to apply for the job can become a prop.”

We just hope to get lucky like everyone else does.

People and Places

You know those employees that, when you see them at the poker room, they just make you smile? Kong Yang and Som Keohanam are two of those people for me. When I go to work at the 500 Club Casino in Clovis, I am lucky to have them as friends, co-workers, and excellent, fun dealers.

Kong is the kind of guy who wants everybody to win. His smile and positive attitude are contagious, and he does his best every day to make sure each player has a great poker experience.

Som is that person who, if you were going to start your own casino, would be the first person you would want to hire. She can deal any game in the casino and her smile, laugh, and enthusiasm will always make you feel like a winner. Now, that is lucky!

Until next time, enjoy your game and call me when I bet the river!