Play good, run good

Prop Tales

By Bill Patty

I three-bet with K-K preflop from middle position and it is capped by the original raiser who is under the gun. We go to the flop five-handed. Does this sound familiar?

For me, it is all too familiar. Spending most of my days playing $4/8 limit, $1/3 no-limit, and $4/8 Omaha and Big O, I often find it challenging to keep my sanity. While knowledge, patience, and observation are still the main ingredients for a successful poker player, luck seems to be of increasing importance.

The flop is A-A-10 rainbow. The original raiser bets out. One ace bad, two aces good. I raise when it gets to me and we are still five-handed. The turn is a jack. My reads are usually well above average, but this is more like “You Can’t Go Home Again” ​ than ​“A Moveable Feast​.” I know. Whatever. Let’s move on.

Now the original raiser leads out again. Well . . . this joker has raised nearly every hand since he sat down, but what about these other three yahoos? What I do know is that I am not folding. The pot is plenty big enough to warrant a call and I could very well still have the best hand, etc., etc.

I call and two players fold before we see a king on the river. Do I necessarily have the best hand? If you got me, you got me. I raise! My kings full beats his A-6 offsuit and I win a nice pot. Did I get lucky? As usual, I just stacked the chips and didn’t say a word.

In my nearly 10 years of being a poker prop, and over 20 years of serious poker playing, I have never felt that luck is as much of a factor as I do today. I am not much of a gambler and the current trend bothers me. But now that I have accepted it, I realize I can be just as lucky as anyone else. I could never go to the play-bad-get-lucky school, but I do hope my competitors don’t start playing better. Good luck to me!

 People and Places

Have you been to Laughlin lately? I was lucky enough to spend four nights there recently. My poker playing was fairly evenly divided between the Riverside and the Colorado Belle. I liked the games better at the Riverside, but the staff at the Colorado Belle seemed more professional. Plus, the Colorado Belle utilizes shuffling machines. Apparently, the owners of the Aquarius have purchased the Colorado Belle. I hope they don’t mess with the iconic riverboat. We would all be unlucky if that happened, and it would be a downright tragedy!

I also had the pleasure of playing in a charity poker tournament at Club One Casino in Fresno to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society. My friend and host, Che Sanchez, made it a winning event.

By the time you read this, I hope to have cashed in more than one WSOP event. I have a chance, if a little luck accompanies me.

Until next time, enjoy your game and call me when I bet the river!