Promo poker for good times!

Prop Tales

By Bill Patty

Who doesn’t like a good promotion? I know the $4/8 players did yesterday when, on the first hand after I gave up my seat to a player, they hit the progressive bad beat jackpot.

Yep, another benefit to life as a poker prop. Well, I guess the fact that I am eligible for promotions is a positive. Ugh!

On the bright side, a few weeks ago I was playing at my favorite Indian casino, Table Mountain, when I was dealt Kh-Qh in the big blind. A middle position player raised and five of us saw a flop of Jh-10h and a black 5. I lead out, and after the original raiser raised again, we were four-handed to the turn.

You guessed it! I turned the royal flush! I checked, the original raiser bet, and we were three-handed to the river. The river, of course, was inconsequential. I led out and got two callers! Do they not remember the last line of my column?

The royal paid $400, plus a $50 high hand. Also, I have now hit a royal flush in every suit. I love promos! I had actually gone to Table Mountain that Monday night for their other promotions—aces cracked and splash pots for every touchdown on Monday Night Football.

It is too bad the management of their cardroom decided to move it from a great location to one that is so noisy many poker players are playing less often there. (And it was hard to watch MNF on the TVs that are too small for the location.) Hey, Table Mountain, I speak for all the local poker players when I say, “Fix the problems!” We want our old poker room back! It used to be so relaxing to play there and the staff, overall, is great. The players and staff deserve better.

What are your favorite promotions? Mine are the ones that provide a high entertainment value and those having to do with free food. To me, there is nothing exciting about getting extra chips when you buy in or football squares, or even getting a high hand. Splash pots! Royal bonuses! Bad beats! I’m all-in!

People and Places

My buddy, Mike Peralta, is the master of finding promotions that add value to the game. It is likely that he will visit all five of our Fresno area casinos each week in search of the best promos. Most of the poker players in our area know Mike, but most don’t really know him.

He is often referred to as the guy who doesn’t tip, or the guy looking for something for free. He has many valid reasons. I have known him for 20 years and, although I don’t agree with all his antics, he is a man of principle—one who buys food and toys for the needy children in his neighborhood. Think about that the next time he gives you a Crispy Creme! See you next Monday at Table Mountain my friend.

Until next time, enjoy your game and call me when I bet the river!

CORRECTION: In the last issue we stated that the Big O game Bill plays at Club One is pot-limit. While this is often the case elsewhere, they play limit.