Stars Casino celebrates two year anniversary

Stars Casino is now two years old and they would like to invite everyone to come and help them celebrate on Sunday, May 17. The fun begins at noon and they will be offering food, gifts and giveaways as well as special deals. It may be the casino’s birthday party, but their customers get the gifts.

Stars Casino’s $30,000 Dash for Cash promotion is underway for live poker participants. Customers earn hours while playing in live games after checking in with floor personnel, then they keep track of the hours.

$30,000 was posted as the starting figure with the amount reduced every time someone cashes in a payout slip which can be done at any time. The promotion ends when the dollar figure reaches zero. (As of this writing the total is approximately $27,000.)

Payout slips will be given upon request at the following increments: 10 hours = $10, 20 hours = $30, 30 hours = $50, 40 hours = $80, 60 hours = $140, and 100 hours = $300. There are no provisions for hours that total less than 10 hours. A customer may combine two payout levels, if applicable, and may also receive payout slips any time they have minimum balances in their account.

Call their floor personnel at 209-777-7777 for more details.