Stars Casino highly rated by customers

Stars Casino in Tracy is a huge hit with players looking for big payouts and variety when it comes to gaming. It’s really customer friendly and offers great promotions and incentives. Just take a look at what one valued customer, Eyo Lorenzo, had to say:

“I busted but still won! When the dealer busted with three 8s my losing hand was still paid! This is how good players have it at Stars Casino in Tracy. Recently, I went there because a friend told me about their Blackjack payouts—turns out to be the biggest in the valley. They’ve increased the most popular payouts 100 percent.

“It was pretty exciting to see someone hit an eight-card bust that paid 250-to-1! The six-card bust already pays 25-to-1 and, with no player collection, I was hooked.

“After cashing out my winnings on Blackjack, I noticed that their Ultimate Texas Hold’em table was full. It had a progressive meter but I couldn’t get a seat. So I tried the Three Card Poker with the Six Card Bonus. I just couldn’t believe it. The bonuses were getting hit like Curry sinking threes!

“So how much better can it get? The floor was passing tickets out to players who hit certain hands, pretty simple hands to get, actually. But that’s not what attracted my poker buddies. They like the aces full beaten by quads as a bad beat jackpot. One said that it was pretty easy to hit compared to other bad beats out there. He was also raving about their tournaments.

“I’m not a poker player, but my friend was happy when he received $80 dollars for his $50 in the cash game. Wow, free money! I almost played just for that.

“The food was really cheap—I mean cost-wise. I like the flat bread pizza, dollar hot dog and soda combo and excellent salad. The servings were really generous and the service staff really friendly. I just wished they would come around the Blackjack table more often. If you’re into a shot of tequila or similar drinks, Stars has it. I really enjoyed my visit there and will be back again soon.”