Table Mountain Casino celebrates 30 years of winning in Central California

Invites Poker players to go “all-in” for the celebration

Table Mountain Casino rings in 2017 with their year-long, casino-wide 30th Anniversary Celebration featuring cash, prizes, and top name entertainment. The celebration includes a full array of promotions, all centered around providing Table Mountain Casino guests with the ultimate in winning.

The Poker Room is a big part of the 30th anniversary action and kicks offs with the 2017 Table Mountain $30,000 Luck of the Draw promotion. Qualifying for the TM $30,000 Luck of the Draw begins Jan.1 and runs all the way through March 25. The big Luck of the Draw giveaway will be held on Sunday, March 26.

Only 50 tickets are needed to qualify for the drawings. Mystery envelopes containing between $500 and $2,000 will be given away, three times per hour between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on the 26th— at the top of the hour, the bottom of the hour, and 15 minutes after the hour too.

To add to the winning action, $500 Splash Pots will be given at 45 minutes past each of the winning hours. The final winner will be drawn at 10:00 p.m. and will receive the six remaining envelopes.

For even more chances to win, the TM $30,000 Luck of the Draw includes consolation prizes for players with the most qualifying hours not drawn, and includes amounts of $250, $350, $400, $500 and $1,000 … yes, that’s one thousand dollars.

Come on up now to their friendly, smoke free Poker Room to start qualifying for your chance to win.

Poker players can get their football win on with the TM NFL Playoff “Spiral Splash Down” promotion that kicks off during the NFL Playoffs. The Spiral Splash Playoff starts Saturday Jan. 7 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 5. There’s no better way to enjoy the playoffs than surrounded by the Poker Room’s big screen TVs, where players can go all-in for their favorite team, while playing their favorite games.

Every time a touchdown is scored during an NFL Playoff Game, the Splash Pot will be awarded. For 1-2 tables there’s a $50 Splash Pot, for 3-4 tables a $100 Splash Pot, and for 5+ tables there’s a $100 Splash Pot on two tables.

Players have the chance to score big right alongside their favorite teams. There’s lots of action, lots of fun and lots of winning in the Poker Room.

Games are always in play at Table Mountain, where there is something for everyone. Players will find round-the-clock action with their favorite TM High Hand and TM Progressive Royal Flushes running 24/7. Hands are paid out every two hours for the TM High Hand. The TM Progressive Royal Flushes start at $100 and increase $50 every Monday morning until they hit, with hands capping out at $1,000.

What about another chance to win? There’s the TM Progressive Bad Beat Jackpots. The Bad Beat starts at $5,000 and increases $250 per week to a maximum of $15,000. Lose with quads to hit the jackpot. The losing hand gets 40 percent, the winning hand gets 20 percent and all other players split the remaining 40 percent.

Check the monthly promotions calendar for a listing of the TM Aces Cracked, Faces Cracked, Quick Cash Quads, Tournament Double High Hands, and more.

Remember, log in to BRAVO for real-time action and come on up and grab a seat at their poker tables. For a complete listing of all games, rules, promotions, entertainment and anniversary celebrations, please visit www.tmcasino. com.