The 101 Casino has Bad Beat frenzy

Four Super Bad Beats hit in 2012, each over $80,000

The 101 Casino in Petaluma has had their Super Bad Beat hit a remarkable four times this year: March 31 for $101,000, April 21 for $85,500, Sept. 5 for $100,995, and Oct. 26 for $80,600. That’s a grand total of $368,095 so far in 2012!

On Oct. 26 an 8-high straight flush collided with a 6-high straight flush in a $3/6 limit game at 11:30 in the morning with room half full, and those in play divided up the $80,600.

Back on Sept. 5 it was also a couple of straight flushes (10 high vs. 8 high) that brought home the Super Bad Beat Jackpot, this time for $100,995. The 8h on the river paid $45,450 to the losing hand, $25,250 to the winning hand, $2,885 to the other seven players at the table, and $404 to all the other Hold’em players in the room.

In addition to the Super Bad Beat, The 101 boasts a Mini Bad Beat for any aces full beaten as well as a Bad Beat for aces full of jacks or better beaten, which pays $2,000.

The 101 also offers Aces Cracked seven days a week from midnight to noon, a Royal Flush Bonus for $250, a High Hand Bonus that pays $100 four times a day, and a Morning Bargain where an $80 buy-in gets you $100 in chips—which also includes a free breakfast.

The 101 has a players’ menu with such class­ics as a chicken teriyaki rice bowl for $7.50, The 101 cheeseburger for $5.00 and their famous prime rib steak sandwich for $8.50.

The 101 Casino is part of the Park West Casinos family, offering Vegas-style “No Collection” Baccarat, Blackjack, and Three-Card Poker without the noisy slot machines and smoke-filled gaming rooms. In addition, The 101 Casino is home to one of the largest Texas Hold’em bad beat jackpots in all of Northern California. Come join in on the action at the 101 Casino as the Super Bad Beat Jackpot has reset to $75,000 and is increasing daily by $400.