There’s “gold” at Lucky Chances

Three big events made up the 20th Annual Gold Rush poker series at Lucky Chances Casino in Colma, held Nov. 9 to 19. Event 1 had a $600 buy-in and $50,000 first place guarantee. Event 2 was a turbo tournament that cost $350 and guaranteed $20,000 for first place. Event 3, the Main Event, was $1,080 and guaranteed first place $100,000. All were no-limit Hold’em.

The Main Event had a total of 466 buy-ins and 100 re-entries, creating a total prize pool of $566,000. Seventy-one players made the money.

The big winner was Jasthi Kumar of San Ramon who was the chip leader when he and second place finisher Dan Casetta chopped the remaining prize pool when they were heads up. Kumar received $72,880 and Casetta $70,000.

When they were down to five players they all agreed to a modified payout structure that paid a bit more to the lower positions. Santa Clara’s Alex Greenblatt got $45,000 for fifth, Kevin Crager of San Bruno was fourth for $$50,000, San Jose’s Tri Tran took third and $56,000.

Also at the final table were Zack Patel (Daly City, sixth, $21,860), Ben Carroll (San Francisco, seventh, $18,110), Cole Miller (San Mateo, eighth, $14,400), Pat Lyons (Hillsborough, ninth, $10,820), and Michael Jen (San Jose, tenth, $8,950).

Event 1 started things off and ended with a four-way deal. Bryce Phuong of San Jose was first and took home $45,000. Second was Oakland’s Moshe Gavrieli for $32,075. Mountain View’s Ferit Bulutoglu was third which paid $29,410, and fourth was David Chen of San Francisco for $28,655.

Fifth through tenth at the final table were: Thao Vang, Eureka; Kai Yeung, Brentwood; Joseph Christman, Pacifica; Michael Lancaster, San Francisco; Amos Barzilay, Los Altos; and John Horn, San Rafael.

There were 443 entries and 68 re-entries, for a prize pool totaling $281,050, with 64 players in the money.

Event 2, the $350 turbo tournament, actually played all the way down to the winner. Amir Levahot of San Francisco took the top prize of $22,860, followed by San Jose’s Walter Robertson, who claimed $11,760. Third was Denzel Suntay of Newark ($5,880), fourth D’Amor Nario of Daly City ($4,900), and fifth Rellie Sigua of Daly City ($3,590).

They had a total of 204 entries and re-entries (184/20) for a $65,280 prize pool that paid 21 players.