Truly a “grand” opening at Bay 101

NorCal Poker Ambassador

By Randall Rapp

On September 28 Bay 101 Casino in San Jose held the grand opening for their new location at 1788 N. First Street, just a stone’s throw from their previous digs. I always thought the old place was pretty nice, but the new one blows it away.

They were packed that day as people came from all over to check it out and get in one of the games. Plus there was a never-ending supply of complimentary food (all of it excellent) and the gorgeous showgirls (a few of them on stilts!) with their generous supply of Bay 101 swag.

They had chocolate bars with Bay 101 labels as well as gold bottle openers, key chains, phone chargers, money clips, and—my personal favorite—hats. That hat is by far the most comfortable, best-all-around free hat that’s ever come my way, and I’ve picked up a few over the years!

It took a little while with all those people there, but I managed to get into a $4/8 game. They seem to have switched from $3/6 and $6/12 to $4/8 and $8/16, which is just fine with me. I like the slightly bigger stakes, but at the same time it’s not such a huge change to move up from one to the other.

I had a great time both playing and experiencing the new ambiance. I managed to come out on top a whole $6 when it was time to go, so put another one in the “win” column!

Thanks to Vince Shaw, Paul Chad­band, and everyone else at Bay 101 for a great time at a great new casino. I’m looking forward to many years of enjoying this beautiful new facility.