Two bring home WSOP gold

By Arnold Warner

With 54 of 65 events completed at the 2014 World Series of Poker as of press time, poker players from Northern California have once again laid claim to their share of the prize pool—and then some. Two have even claimed the ultimate prize—a WSOP bracelet and the prestige that comes with it.

Sacramento’s Todd Bui was the first to strike gold, winning Event 16: 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, which had a buy-in of $1,500 and 348 entries, creating a prize pool of $469,800. Bui’s victory brought with it a payday of $124,510.
Los Gatos resident Haixia Zhang was the big winner in Event #53: Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship, with a $1,000 buy-in, 793 entries, and a $713,700 prize pool. Her first place prize was $153,470.

With 11 more events to play, including the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event, surely more cashes and, hopefully, gold bracelets will be claimed by our poker-playing friends here in Northern California. Plus, as if one needed more incentive to take a shot at the Main Event, this year the WSOP is guaranteeing the champion a $10,000,000 payday.

Todd Bui

He may be known as a cash game pro, but now Todd Bui will be known by another title—gold bracelet winner.
Bui, who only plays a handful of tournaments a year, defeated a seasoned veteran and bracelet winner in his own right—Captain Tom Franklin—to take the title and the $124,510 first place payday in the $1,500 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw event.

Todd Bui

2-7 Triple Draw Lowball Champion

“It means a lot,” Bui said of the bracelet. “This is actually my very first tournament that I’ve ever won, period, and it just happened to be a World Series of Poker event. It meant a lot because I always thought, ‘When would I win my first one?’ But it is hard when you only play two, three, four a year, you know?”

Bui and his best friend in poker, J.C. Tran, met when they were growing up in Sacramento and became fast poker friends. “Me and him are like brothers,” Bui explained. “He’s one of my best friends in the world and definitely my best friend in poker and my longest friend in poker. Before I moved down to SoCal to go to college, we used to play in a small cardroom in Sacramento … it was me and him every day. We were inseparable. We were like Tom and Jerry.”

This time, it was Tran on the rail as Bui faced off against some accomplished heads-up competition in Franklin. Even though he was up against a formidable foe, Bui felt like the match was his to lose.

“I thought I had a huge edge, if you want to know the honest to God truth. He even told me heads-up something like that he was in a world of hurt.”

Indeed, Franklin was. The heads-up battle was a short one and Bui secured his first win, but it may not be his last. Bui always comes out to the series to take part in the mixed game tournaments, and now he will likely play a few more after winning for the first time.

Haixia Zhang

Haixia Zhang’s supreme moment of triumph—winning Event 53: Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship, along with $153,470—happened only because of disappointment on the day before it began. Zhang actually came to this year’s WSOP to play in the Monster Stack tournament. That poker madhouse was true to its name, drawing 7,862 players. Just about everything went wrong for Zhang. She busted on the first day, which turned out to be a good thing.

Haixia Zhang

Haixia Zhang Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Champion

With some free time still to go on her trip away from her home in Los Gatos, Zhang decided to “go for it,” as she described things, and entered the Ladies Championship. Three days later, she was the lone player sitting at the final table, enjoying a moment of stunned disbelief, along with several cheering friends and supporters gathered around her.

“I’m in complete awe. It’s unreal,” Zhang said moments afterward. “I’m just glad to be here, let alone win it.”

Zhang’s victory was unforeseen for several reasons. This marked her first time to cash in a WSOP event, although she had twice finished in the money at Harveys Lake Tahoe on the WSOP Circuit. Moreover, Zhang was down to four big blinds at one point during the tournament, seemingly destined for a respectable finish, but not exactly the same as winning a gold bracelet. However, Zhang picked up steam about midway through the final table and decimated everyone in her path over the final 90 minutes en route to the victory.

“I thought I played well, but I also got lucky in some spots,” Zhang said. “There was one hand right before it ended when I made the straight and [Aoki] had two pair. That was a big turning point.”

On that final fateful hand, Zhang had A-J up against her opponent’s K-T. The final board showed K-Q-6-T-3, giving Zhang a straight and the biggest pot of the tournament. The match ended about ten minutes later.
“Everybody that made the last few tables, I totally respected their play,” Zhang said. “I thought they all played really solid.”

Zhang owns and operates a staffing company which supplies labor to companies throughout Southern California. She is married and has two children.

“I’m a business owner and a mom, and I really don’t play poker that much,” Zhang said. “But I definitely will be coming back next year.”

The Ladies Championship was initially created to welcome participation in the game and celebrate women in poker. First offered at the 1978 WSOP, the annual event has been a springboard for many females into the game, past and present. However, this competition for women has also evolved into so much more than just a poker tournament, since many associated events surrounding ­“­Ladies Weekend” take place around Las Vegas.

NorCal players who cashed in the first 54 events of the 2014 World Series of Poker

Event #1: Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em, $500 buy-in, 876 entries, $394,200 prize pool

11th, Aaron Henderson, $4,888, Santa Rosa
36th, Stephen Conyers, $2,168, Fairfield
48th, Kristi Nguyen, $1,529, San Jose
54th, Jacob Crawford, $1,529, American Canyon
55th, Erle Mankin, $1,292, Sacramento
67th, Daniel Zheng, $1,103, Richmond
69th, Anthony Hutchins, $1,103, Napa
84th, Willy Kerol, $886, Marina

Event #2: Mixed Max No-Limit Hold’em, $25,000 buy-in, 131 entries, $3,111,250 prize pool

4th, JC Tran, $290,622, Sacramento

Event #3: Pot-Limit Omaha, $1,000 buy-in, 1,128 entries, $1,015,200 prize pool

22nd, Nicholas Kallenbach, $6,213, S. Lake Tahoe
50th, Olivier Chaume, $3,746, San Francisco
66th, David Diiorio, $2,842, Placerville
85th, Jeffrey Brunelle, $2,274, Sunnyvale
93rd, Neil Henning, $2,091, Santa Rosa
95th, Gordon Vayo, $2,091, San Francisco

Event #4: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,000 buy-in, 2,223 entries, $2,000,700 prize pool

17th, Ronald Cooper, $12,824, Windsor
19th, Stephen Foutty, $10,303, Mill Valley
20th, Tal Hart, $10,303, Sunnyvale
36th, Paul Lentz, $8,382, San Francisco
43rd, Hemanth Kumar, $6,902, Sunnyvale
53rd, Cy Williams, $5,742, Davis
86th, Franklin Azevedo, $3,081, Dos Palos
97th, Craig Carrillo, $2,700, Santa Rosa
107th, Huy Nguyen, $2,400, San Jose
111th, Gregory Johns, $2,400, San Francisco
122nd, James Cavanaugh, $2,400, Santa Rosa
144th, James Noonan, $2,160, Sacramento
152nd, Alexander Greenblatt, $2,160, Atherton
163rd, Mark Thompson, $2,160, Campbell,
201st, Terry Wheeler ,$1,980, Granite Bay
210th, Alexander Raitz, $1,800, San Francisco
237th, Craig Gold, $1,800, Belmont
243rd, Brian Vu, $1,800, San Francisco

Event #6: No-Limit Hold’em Shootout, $1,500 buy-in, 948 entries, $1,279,800 prize pool

11th, Steven Geralis, $14,615, Stockton
39th, Timothy West, $4,411, Los Altos
41st, Jeffrey Brunelle, $4,411, Sunnyvale
53rd, Paul Evans, $4,411, Mount Shasta
60th, David Diiorio, $4,411, Placerville
61st, Masaaki Izushima, $4,411, Menlo Park
65th, Andres Garcia, $4,411, Salinas
85th, Isaac Baron, $4,411, Los Gatos
111th, Chad Burum, $4,411, Novato

Event #7: Seven Card Razz, $1,500 buy-in, 352 entries, $475,200 prize pool

2nd, Phil Hellmuth, $74,848, Palo Alto

Event #8: Millionaire Maker No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 7,977 entries, $10,768,950 prize pool

46th, Omar Mehmood, $26,814, Foster City
55th, Guowei Zhang, $21,968, San Francisco
61st, David Fong, $21,968, San Jose
71st, Ramin Piro, $18,091, Turlock
116th, Larry Odegard, $8,830, San Jose
128th, Cory Carlson, $8,830, Ukiah
130th, Darrell Ticehurst, $8,830, Hillsborough
135th, William Mark Davis, $8,830, McKinleyville
186th, Ian Bey, $7,430, Roseville
190th, Tuong Le, $7,430, San Jose
195th, Erle Mankin, $7,430, Sacramento
196th, Randy Lew, $7,430, Mountain View
203rd, Jennifer Kelly, $7,430, Sunnyvale
204th, Chris Heid, $7,430, San Francisco
207th, Brian Park, $7,430, Los Altos
209th, Jeremy Tucker, $7,430, Petaluma
253rd, Rick Saelee, $6,353, Oakland
258th, Michael Stecker, $6,353, Granite Bay
261st, Kent VanHo, $6,353, Union City
263rd, Nguyen Pham, $6,353, Foster City
296th, Mark Tangonan, $6,353, Lathrop
302nd, Jean Houle, $6,353, Visalia
314th, James Glenn, $6,353, Redding
318th, Kelly Giannetti, $6,353, Davis
330th, Bobby Pham, $6,353, Elk Grove
334th, Allen Kuo, $5,384, Livermore
335th, Emanuel Sammartino, $5,384, Vacaville
384th, Shaun Buckley, $5,384, Novato
396th, Zachary Hirst, $5,384, Marina
402nd, Pradeep Rajasekaran, $5,384, Santa Clara
447th, Benjamin Tom, $4,630, San Francisco
471st, Marc Kaplan, $4,630, San Jose
492nd, John Simunich, $4,630, Galt
505th, Ryan Rinker, $3,984, Vacaville
511st, Drew Bruno, $3,984, San Jose
513th, Alexander Svetich, $3,984, Rocklin
585th, Zeferino Garcia, $3,446, Chowchilla
599th, Daniel Black, $3,446, Cloverdale
610th, Ian Joffrey Remmel, $3,446, Truckee
611th, Edward Miller, $3,446, Granite Bay
623rd, James Meola, $3,446, Los Altos
625th, Zephyr Peling, $3,446, Santa Cruz
640th, Jason Brown, $3,446, Hayward
649th, Adan Marquez, $3,446, Watsonville
658th, Randy Krenzin, $3,015, San Jose
684th, Matthew Boronkay, $3,015, San Jose
700th, Phi Tran, $3,015, Stockton
702nd, Manikanta Kona, $3,015, San Jose
724th, Darik Conley, $3,015, Carmel
727th, Han Huynh, $3,015, Union City
728th, Andrew Sakai, $3,015, Stanford
746th, Jason Alexandridis, $2,692, San Francisco
754th, Steve Gee, $2,692, Sacramento
778th, Joseph Contino, $2,692, Clovis
790th, Michael Heid, $2,692, Oakland
806th, Eric Tyler, $2,692, Sacramento
811th, John Cranston, $2,692, San Francisco

Event #9: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,000 buy-in, 1,940 entries, $1,746,000 prize pool

2nd, Nghiahiep Nguyen, $199,829, San Jose
47th, Faraz Jaka, $5,360, San Jose
64th, Elish Patel, $3,893, San Francisco
91st, David Chase, $2,653, Alameda
106th, Tom Cage, $2,374, Mammoth Lakes
147th, Raymond Chan, $2,147, San Francisco
159th, Huy Nguyen, $2,147, San Jose
165th, Robert Mather, $1,972, Redding
191st, Gordon Vayo, $1,972, San Francisco

Event #11: No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed, $1,500 buy-in, 1,587 entries, $2,142,450 prize pool

16th, Lucas Fridriksson, $17,139, Sebastopol
24th, Alejandro Jaureguireynoso, $13,390, Salinas
116th, Robert Souliere, $3,170, Elk Grove
119th, Joaquin Correia, $3,170, Tulare
144th, Francis Witek, $2,913, Nevada City
154th, Paul Hendee, $2,678, Redwood Valley

Event #12: Pot-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 557 entries, $761,950 prize pool

48th, Damon Shulenberger, $2,872, San Jose
56th, Jeffrey Brunelle, $2,443, Sunnyvale

Event #14: Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, $1,500 buy-in, 1,036 entries, $1,398,600 prize pool

10th, Michael Stewart, $15,972, Soquel
24th, Anil Gurnaney, $8,559, Sausalito
99th, Mark Thompson, $2,881, Campbell

Event #15: No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed, $3,000 buy-in, 810 entries, $2,211,300 prize pool

2nd, Gordon Vayo, $314,535, San Francisco
8th, Phil Hellmuth, $45,022, Palo Alto
25th, David Chase, $12,714, Alameda

Event #16: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, $1,500 buy-in, 348 entries, $469,800 prize pool

1st, Todd Bui, $124,510, Sacramento

Event #17: Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship, $1,000 buy-in, 4,425 entries, $3,982,500 prize pool

8th, David Vida, $66,945, Pinole
19th, Craig Carrillo, $19,633, Santa Rosa
34th, Timothy Roberts, $15,730, Pleasant Hill
49th, Darrell Cain, $10,354, Fair Oaks
100th, Laurie Morgan, $3,504, Sacramento
108th, Alex Huynh, $3,504, San Jose
142nd, Steven Lafleche, $3,504, Lodi
147th, Lora Stewart, $3,504, Elk Grove
151st, Randall Rapp, $3,504, Fresno
155th, William Mark Davis, $2,986, McKinleyville
173rd, Walter Shawne Browne, $2,986, Berkeley
180th, Gary Schwartz, $2,986, Walnut Creek
256th, Randall Sandretto, $2,588, Santa Rosa
278th, Yossi Krispin, $2,588, Cupertino
351st, Michael Schmidt, $1,991, Monterey
358th, Bruce Angeski, $1,991, Sacramento
376th, Ernest Meier, $1,991, Lodi
412th, Seyed Edalat, $1,752, San Jose
420th, Jensen Cheng, $1,752, Castro Valley
437th, Steven Spate, $1,752, Fresno
458th, Edward Walker, $1,752, Capay

Event #19: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 2,086 entries, $2,816,100 prize pool

45th, John Hartman, $10,250, San Pablo
91st, Cameron Smith, $3,942, Cameron Park
150th, Craig Gold, $3,154, Belmont
177th, Marc Alioto, $2,872, San Rafael
186th, Yanki Koppel, $2,872, Sunnyvale
190th, Danny Smith, $2,872, Folsom
198th, Joseph Contino, $2,872, Clovis

Event #20: No-Limit Hold’em Shootout, $3,000 buy-in, 389 entries, $1,061,970 prize pool

35th, Faraz Jaka, $7,805, San Jose
36th, Andres Garcia, $7,805, Salinas

Event #21: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,000 buy-in, 2,043 entries, $1,838,700 prize pool

15th, Louis Campbell, $15,334, San Francisco
16th, David Lucchesi, $12,245, Walnut Creek
17th, Arthur Baraan, $12,245, San Jose
38th, JC Tran, $6,692, Sacramento
53rd, Matthew Weber, $5,552, Sacramento
79th, William Little, $3,410, Carmel Valley
88th, Evan Schwartz, $2,941, Oakland
89th, Meyer Sandberg, $2,941, San Francisco
94th, Joaquin Correia, $2,574, Tulare
115th, Zhihao Zhang, $2,289, San Francisco
151st, Kevin Dwyer, $2,059, Vacaville
153rd, A Rubio, $2,059, Pittsburg
163rd, Michael Rice, $2,059, San Francisco
192nd, Darin Vigil, $1,875, Fair Oaks

Event #23: Turbo No-Limit Hold’em, $1,000 buy-in, 1,473 entries, $1,325,700 prize pool

15th, Kristina Holst, $11,188, Palo Alto
33rd, Timothy West, $6,084, Los Altos
93rd, Anthony Bruscia, $2,293, Hollister
122nd, Grace Naylor, $1,909, Livermore
145th, Cameron Martin, $1,749, Redding
151st, Hemanth Kumar, $1,749, Sunnyvale

Event #25: Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, $2,500 buy-in, 470 entries, $1,069,250 prize pool

20th, Matt Lefkowitz, $7,784, Carmel Valley

Event #26: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 1,594 entries, $2,151,900 prize pool

5th, Reed Goodmiller, $87,797, Lafayette
29th, Phil Hellmuth, $9,877, Palo Alto
56th, Lance Donnell, $6,025, Davis
135th, John Minjarez, $3,098, Stockton
142nd, Mary Carey, $3,098, Vallejo
164th, Phu Ngo, $2,840, Emeryville
168th, Hemanth Kumar, $2,840, Sunnyvale
171st, Joaquin Correia, $2,840, Tulare

Event #27: H.O.R.S.E., $1,500 buy-in, 743 entries, $1,003,050 prize pool

22nd, Dennis Morrison, $6,178, Castro Valley
26th, Braden Murphy, $5,185, Folsom
41st, Ron Lane, $3,841, San Jose
63rd, Daham Wang, $3,039, San Francisco

Event #29: No-Limit Hold’em, $2,500 buy-in, 1,165 entries, $2,650,375 prize pool

21st, Isaac Baron, $16,220, Los Gatos
40th, Jerry Yang, $11,449, Madera
46th, George Saca, $9,779, Sacramento
66th, Phu Ngo, $7,421, Emeryville
99th, Sarah Tolagson, $5,459, Monterey
101st, Jessica Mendoza, $5,035, San Mateo
102nd, Adam Koplan, $5,035, San Francisco
106th, Aytac Apaydin, $5,035, Salinas

Event #30: Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or Better, $1,500 prize pool, 588 entries, $793,800 prize pool

24th, Joseph Hertzog, $5,120, Visalia

Event #31: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 1,631 entries, $2,201,850 prize pool

30th, Kelsey Hendriks, $10,106, Chico
40th, Erik Haakenson, $8,455, San Francisco
113th, Bradley Wolf, $3,434, Menlo Park
121st, Cameron Smith, $3,170, Cameron Park
125th, Jeffrey Brunelle, $3,170, Sunnyvale
151st, Joseph Ranciato, $2,906, Sacramento
155th, Craig Gold, $2,906, Belmont
163rd, Rostislav Tsodikov, $2,906, Daly City

Event #32: No-Limit Hold’em Six Handed, $10,000 buy-in, 264 entries, $2,481,600 prize pool

4th, JC Tran, $185,971, Sacramento
26th, Brigette Lau, $17,793, San Francisco

Event #33: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,000 buy-in, 1,688 entries, $1,519,200 prize pool

11th, Faraz Jaka, $16,088, San Jose
19th, Domingos Fernandes, $8,446, Sunnyvale
21st, Eric Dilda, $8,446, San Francisco
29th, Erle Mankin, $6,973, Sacramento
56th, David Stamm, $4,253, Granite Bay
87th, Lucas Fridriksson, $2,901, Sebastopol
94th, Antonio Gutierrez, $2,628, Roseville
147th, Kevin Coffee, $2,005, Dublin

Event #35: No-Limit Hold’em Eight Handed, $5,000 buy-in, 550 entries, $2,585,000 prize pool

53rd, Kristina Holst, $9,642, Palo Alto

Event #36: No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball, $1,500 buy-in, 241 entries, $325,350 prize pool

18th, Phil Hellmuth, $3,471, Palo Alto

Event #37: Pot-Limit Omaha, $1,500 buy-in, 967 entries, $1,305,450 prize pool

5th, Matthew Dames, $54,855, Burlingame
9th, Galen Hall, $18,837, San Francisco
56th, Taylor Paur, $4,164, El Dorado Hills
58th, Daniel Harmetz, $4,164, Sacramento

Event #39: No-Limit Hold’em, $3,000 buy-in, 992 entries, $2,708,160 prize pool

62nd, Marco Johnson, $8,639. Walnut Creek
85th, Sarah Tolagson, $6,066, Monterey
106th, Stanley Bayne, $5,145, Exeter

Event #40: Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em, $10,000 buy-in, 136 entries, $1,198,400 prize pool

7th, Tommy Chen, $54,736, San Jose

Event #41: Dealer’s Choice Six-Handed, $1,500 buy-in, 419 entries, $565,650 prize pool

7th, Marco Johnson, $13,411, Walnut Creek

Event #42: Pot-Limit Omaha Six Handed, $5,000 buy-in, 452 entries, $2,124,400 prize pool

20th, JC Tran, $16,888, Sacramento

Event #43: Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 657 entries, $886,950 prize pool

2nd, Yegor Tsurikov, $120,501, Walnut Creek
9th, Ron Burke, $14,856, San Jose
13th, Mike Lancaster, $9,330, Sand City
15th, Paul Mannoni, $9,330, Concord
28th, Francis Garcia, $4,966, Alameda
43rd, Won Jung, $4,124, Santa Clara
45th, Joseph Contino, $4,124, Clovis
46th, Avi Mukherjee, $3,459, Fremont
51st, Mark Immethun, $3,459, Hayward
59th, Shahriar Namjouy, $2,926, Walnut Creek
69th, Esker Roberts, $2,501, Roseville
71st, Andres Garcia, $2,501, Salinas

Event #44: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 1,914 entries, $2,583,900 prize pool

55th, Jerimiah Cannaday, $6,718, Lincoln
79th, Danny Smith, $5,012, Folsom
108th, Brett Murray, $3,514, Santa Rosa
112th, Christopher Bridgford, $3,514, Monte Sereno
118th, Alex Benjamen, $3,514, San Jose
150th, Grantland Hillman, $3,178, Oakland

Event #45: No-Limit Hold’em, $1,000 buy-in, 1,841 entries, $1,656,900 prize pool

72nd, Faraz Jaka, $3,694, San Jose
80th, Jose Basa, $3,214, Fremont
82nd, Erle Mankin, $2,816, Sacramento
115th, Diego Marchioni, $2,253, Sunnyvale
120th, Tuu Ho, $2,253, San Jose
121st, Nabil Matta, $2,253, Pleasanton
128th, Noel Garcia, $2,037, Patterson
151st, Sajid Zia, $2,037, Fremont
189th, Jeff Siegal, $1,872, Daly City

Event #47: Ante Only No-Limit Hold’em, $1,500 buy-in, 714 entries, $963,900 prize pool

30th, Phil Hellmuth, $5,397, Palo Alto

Event #48: Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, $1,500 buy-in, 991 entries, $1,337,850 prize pool

10th, Philip Sternheimer, $15,278, San Francisco

Event #49: No-Limit Hold’em, $5,000 buy-in, 696 entries, $3,271,2000 prize pool

35th, Phil Hellmuth, $18,318, Palo Alto

Event #50: Eight Game Mix, $1,500 buy-in, 485 entries, $654,750 prize pool

43rd, Andrew Barber, $3,063, Sacramento

Event #51: No-Limit Hold’em MONSTER STACK, $1,500 buy-in, 7,862 entries, $10,613,700 prize pool

3rd, Sean Drake, $619,521, Sacramento
26th, Quang Tran, $50,202, Elk Grove
39th, Gary Chau, $32,584, South San Francisco
98th, Antonio Gutierrez, $10,401, Roseville
121st, Kel Douglas, $8,809, Santa Rosa
156th, Elliot Lamson, $8,809, South Lake Tahoe
173rd, Zachary Prager, $7,429, Yuba City
192nd, Ravneet Johal, $7,429, San Jose
234th, Tanino Damore, $7,429, Milpitas
241st, Adi Berman, $7,429, San Francisco
268th, Matthew Pearce, $6,368, Lafayette
326th, Julian Galvan, $5,412, Sacramento
330th, Careen Foster, $5,412, Emeryville
338th, Sam Lee, $5,412, Stockton
352nd, James Baglin, $5,412, Elk Grove
357th, Hafiz Khan, $5,412, Stockton
384th, Eric Hicks, $5,412, San Francisco
438th, Lawrence Garcia, $4,670, Sacramento
453rd, Ronald Wu, $4,670, San Leandro
459th, Vu Pham, $4,670, Elk Grove
469th, Jacob Solis, $4,033, Pleasanton
478th, John Bettencourt, $4,033, Stockton
483rd, William Daymon, $4,033, McKinleyville
503rd, Jeffrey Lennon, $4,033, Fresno
514th, Cameron Smith, $4,033, Cameron Park
568th, Andrey Marsavin, $3,502, San Jose
570th, Matthew Berto, $3,502, Vallejo
605th, Marco Johnson, $3,502, Walnut Creek
611th, Theodore Harris, $3,502, Mount Shasta
612th, San Saelee, $3,502, Antelope
671st, Brian Kootstra, $3,077, Hanford
696th, Anne McKeith, $3,077, Elk Grove
704th, Deip Paul, $3,077, San Jose
715th, Bradley Albright, $2,759, San Francisco
778th, Jose Esparza, $2,759, Tracy
787th, Zachery Coelius, $2,759, San Francisco

Event #52: Limit Hold’em, $10,000 buy-in, 122 entries, $1,146,800 prize pool

5th, Paul Mannoni, $75,470, Concord
16th, Kenny Shei, $16,273, Menlo Park

Event #53: Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship, $1,000 buy-in, 793 entries, $713,700 prize pool

1st, Haixia Zhang, $153,470, Los Gatos
6th, Persia Bonella, $25,072, Hayward
34th, Chanel Crawford, $3,961, Petaluma
37th, Wendy Going, $3,311, Crescent City
40th, Khou Fang, $3,311, Elk Grove

Event #54: Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, $3,000 buy-in, 474 entries, $1,294,020 prize pool

34th, Adam Labuga, $7,505, Turlock
51st, David Wolff, $5,007, San Jose